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Average score 4.3

82 reviews

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Informative, passive, forgettable

The audio only format might be suitable for hearing the training material whilst doing other things, but that limits the effectiveness of retention. Hearing, seeing, repeating and recalling is more effective than hearing and recalling only. The questions did help to reinforce what was communicated, but it could have been made more visual and engaging. I passed the test, so the material did it's job, but how well will the content be remembered remains to be seen.

Language should be native

I understood the course but it should have been in Dutch to make understanding easier. Also it is always better to ask positive answers. (Don't ask questions "What not to do" but what to do)

Very good course. Concise.

No summary provided

Good Info.

Explain and give understanding the important of the competition Law. Good for manufacture and customer for the explanation.

Not applicable for me

This training has no sense for me in the rol I perform in this company. Waist of time and frustrating. Our main goal should be selling machines to customers, not bothering people with this kind of rubbish (where we/I have no influence on).

Well explained

Very good introduction with examples to explain what is ment by the interpretation of the law.

Very Informative.

It actually brought to my attention, - areas of Breach of Competition Law which i hadnt thought of before,

Audio Only

The intro suggests that this can be listened to whilst doing other activities when in fact, it needs your concentration to absorb the information in the absence of any other stimuli.

Good content but audio only was hard

It would be better to split the course up into sections, and to add video.


Good Information .


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