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Fire Awareness Training in Education

This course was designed specifically for any level of staff working in the education sector. It covers topics such as the nature of fire, types of fire signage, types of fire hazards, and what to do when you discover a fire.

35mHealth & Safety

Fire Warden Training in Education

This course was made for employees working in educational facilities. It covers a range of subjects, such as a background to the basics of fire, how to prevent a fire, how to evacuate a fire, different classes of fire extinguisher, and the legislation surrounding fire safety.

100mHealth & Safety

Safer Recruitment in Education Training

Our Safer Recruitment in Education Training course was designed for all recruiting staff or volunteers to provide them with the skills they need to find suitable applicants to work with children or vulnerable adults.

50mHuman Resources

Medication Awareness Training for Schools

This course was designed for adults working in the educational sector. The course sections cover the law and school policies, medication, how to handle and administer the medication, and managing medical needs.

40mHealth & Safety

Safeguarding Children Training

This course has 5 sections that cover an understanding of safeguarding, recognising abuse, responding to abuse, reporting any concerns, and recording observations.

60mHealth & Safety

School Trips Training (For Organisers & Support)

This course is broken down into 4 sections that cover planning a school trip, health & safety on a school trip, the best practices to keep everybody safe on a school trip, and what to do for a residential trip or trip abroad.

45mHealth & Safety

School Trips Training for Management

This course was designed for use by anybody in a school's management team. It is broken down into 3 sections that cover the responsibilities of management, risk assessments for school trips, and the costs & consent in relation to school trips.

30mHealth & Safety Management

Anaphylaxis & Allergy Training for Schools & Carers

This course was designed for the use of anyone who cares for a child with an allergy. The 5 sections cover what an allergy is, how to manage allergies, what anaphylaxis is, school policies and responsibilities, and the impact of allergies on children.

40mHealth & Safety

Asthma Training for Schools & Carers

This course was designed for anybody who cares for a child with asthma. It is broken down into 5 sections in which they talk about the condition, the triggers and symptoms, medication, how to prevent asthma attacks, and the school's responsibilities.

50mHealth & Safety

Diabetes Training for Schools & Carers

This course was made for anyone who cares for children with diabetes. It goes into detail about what diabetes is, risks and responsibilities, medication for diabetes, school trips & diabetes, and the educational and wellbeing aspects of diabetes.

40mHealth & Safety

Epilepsy Training for Schools & Carers

This course has been written for anyone who cares for children with epilepsy. The course covers the background of epilepsy, the types of seizures it causes, triggers and treatment, your responsibilities, and the impact epilepsy has on a child's education and wellbeing.

45mHealth & Safety

FGM Awareness & Prevention Training

This course provides information on how to identify signs of potential FGM, and teaches you how to intervene if you believe a child is going to be subjected to the procedure.

20mHuman Resources

First Aid Appointed Person Training

This course has been designed for designated individuals within an organisation to educate them on their responsibilities. The course covers health and safety requirements and how to deal with an emergency. The course is CPD Accredited & RoSPA Approved.

20mHealth & Safety

Mental Health Awareness Training for Education Professionals

This course aims to break the stigma surrounding mental ill-health in primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and academies.

40mHuman Resources

Prevent Duty Training

Our Prevent Duty Training is an essential piece of training for anyone working in the education sector. These Education professionals will learn how to prevent children from being drawn into terrorism & radicalisation.

25mHuman Resources

Sharps Training

Our course educates users on what is defined as Sharps and how to stop the spread of infections that are created by Sharps. Both employees and employers should work cohesively to have working practices that have safety at their core.

20mHealth & Safety

Food Hygiene Level 2 Training Course

In the UK, schools will be inspected by the FSA who will look to make sure that adequate food hygiene requirements are in place. This IOSH Approved course will help staff learn about the procedures that should be in place for good hygiene and food safety practices, and cover their legal obligations. 

70mHealth & Safety

GDPR in Education Training

Our IIRSM Approved course is an essential part of training for anyone working with data in an educational setting so they can work towards protecting children's data. Focusing specifically on nurseries, schools, and colleges, this course will help staff understand the regulation and how it applies to their role and they'll know more about individual rights and data subjects. 

40mBusiness Compliance

Paediatric First Aid Refresher Training

This  Paediatric First Aid Refresher Training is ideal for anyone who is a First Aider and working in Education. It explains the important differences staff need to know about if they work with children or babies, regarding giving CPR and first aid when a baby or young child is choking.

20mHealth & Safety

Stress Awareness & Management Training

Stress is one of the top contributors to sickness absence and loss of productivity at work. This course is designed for employees so that they can improve their understanding of what stress is, symptoms to look out for, how to reduce it, and how to prevent stress in the first place.

30mHuman Resources

Risk Assessment Training

Risk assessments are an essential part of keeping the staff and children in your care safe. This course will look at creating effective risk assessments and provides a free a tool to help staff create clear, easy-to-follow risk assessments for your organisation.

30mHealth & Safety Management

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Frequently asked questions

It's recommended that school staff should undergo safeguarding training at least every 12 months.
iHASCO's online training can be completed anywhere at any time, offering a convenient solution for school staff. You can also see when staff have completed their training and when they are due for refreshers with our easy-to-use Learning Management System. Our online training courses are easy to follow, highly engaging, and cost-effective!
All staff should undertake Safeguarding and Child Protection at induction and all staff that have regular contact with children must read at least part 1 of the Keeping Children Safe in Education document. It's a legal requirement for maintained schools to ensure that at least one of the people conducting an interview has done safer recruitment training. Whilst it's not mandatory, Prevent Duty training is also an important training topic that helps staff identify children who may be at risk of being drawn into terrorism. Other mandatory training includes Fire Awareness, DSE, and Data Protection (only mandatory for specific roles).
Depending on how many staff you need to train and on how many courses, you could pay as little as £2-3 per person for our education staff training courses. We provide discounts for large group orders and multi-year plans. Get in touch to learn more about our pricing.