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Asbestos Awareness Training

This Asbestos Awareness course is CPD Accredited & IATP and IOSH approved and provides printable certificates so you can prove your commitment to current legislation such as the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

35mHealth & Safety

Manual Handling Training

Training is vital for those who carry out lifting as part of their job. This Manual Handling Training is IOSH Approved and can be completed in as little as 35 minutes.

35mHealth & Safety

Working at Height Training

This Working at Height Training is absolutely essential for anyone working in an environment that has the potential to cause a fall from height. Our course is IOSH approved and helps you work towards the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

35mHealth & Safety

Ladder Safety Training

Our Ladder Safety Training course is designed to help reduce the risk of ladder-related injuries and increase the user’s awareness in ladder-related wrongdoings.

25mHealth & Safety

PPE Training - Personal Protective Equipment

Our PPE Training explains what PPE is, the types of PPE, and the safety signs relating to PPE. The course is RoSPA & IOSH Approved and accredited by CPD.

30mHealth & Safety

Noise Awareness Training

There are over 11 million people in the UK that suffer from a form of hearing loss - which can be caused by regular exposure to loud noises. Our course covers who is at risk, what those risks are, and how to reduce those risks.

25mHealth & Safety

Fire Awareness Training in Construction

Our CPD Accredited course covers a variety of topics such as the nature of fire, fire signage, fire hazards, what to do when you discover a fire, and the types of fire extinguishers.

35mHealth & Safety

Hand Arm Vibration Awareness (HAVS) Training

Our CPD Accredited & IOSH Approved Hand Arm Vibration Awareness (HAVS) Training course covers risks associated with vibration, as well as anybody who is at risk and what can be done to reduce harmful exposure.

20mHealth & Safety

Confined Space Training - Working in Confined Spaces

Around 15 workers a year are killed whilst working in confined spaces. The course covers why confined spaces are dangerous, your legal duties and responsibilities, and preparing for entry.

35mHealth & Safety

CDM Regulations Training

Our IOSH Approved & CPD Accredited CDM Regulations Training course was made to give you information on everything that you need to keep yourself, and others, safe when it comes to construction design and management.

30mHealth & Safety Management

Mental Health in Construction Training

Poor mental health in the construction industry accounts for around 200 suicides in the UK per year. For this reason, we developed a construction-specific Mental Health Awareness Training course, in order to try and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

40mHuman Resources

Environmental Awareness Training

Our CPD Accredited & IOSH Approved course was designed for anybody. The course sections cover how the environment is changing, being sustainable, and how all workplaces have a major impact on the environment.

45mBusiness Compliance

First Aid Appointed Person Training

A smaller company's legal minimum for first aid provision is to have someone in the company who simply looks after first aid - this is the First Aid Appointed Person. This course covers their health and safety responsibilities.

20mHealth & Safety

First Aid at Work Refresher Training

This First Aid at Work Refresher Training course is essential for first aiders in the workplace. It can also be used as an introduction to first aid for anyone about to take a practical course.

80mHealth & Safety

Banksman Essentials Training

This training is the perfect tool for any member of staff working as or with a banksman. In just 20 minutes, staff will cover the general duties of a banksman, cover the common hand signals that are used, and cover the 'Safe Site, Safe Vehicle, Safe Driver' model.

20mHealth & Safety

COSHH Training

The HSE state that all employers must "Provide information, training and instruction for employees who work with substances hazardous to health. This includes cleaning and maintenance staff." This 25-minute course will cover hazardous substances, the effects of exposure, accidents, hazard symbols and 6 steps to control the risks. 

25mHealth & Safety

Eye Protection Training

Our IOSH Approved Eye Protection training can be completed in just 30 minutes. Staff will understand the importance of protecting themselves and the different types of eye protection, what to do when an accident happens, how your eyes can be damaged and identifying and managing risk.

30mHealth & Safety

LOLER Training

This online training is a great way for employers to show their commitment to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). Staff will learn more about the importance of performing tasks correctly and picking the right equipment for the job. 

35mHealth & Safety Management

PUWER Training

Our IOSH Approved PUWER training can be completed in just 30 minutes! Work towards compliance with PUWER 1998 by helping staff to learn about the maintenance of equipment, their responsibilities, safe standards, and protection when using dangerous equipment. 

30mHealth & Safety

Electrical Safety Training

This Electrical Safety Training course offers the user information and practical advice for working safely with electricity and is suitable for the use of all levels of employees.

30mHealth & Safety

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Frequently asked questions

Online construction training courses are the perfect way to increase your construction staff's knowledge of the relevant construction legislation. Regular training also helps staff refresh their knowledge of construction health and safety practices, protecting them from serious injuries in the process. It's cost-effective, quick, and easy to use.
It's a legal requirement for construction workers to take part in regular health and safety training. Your staff will need to understand the legislation that is relevant to the work that they carry out whilst on site. Your typical construction worker, for example, may need to fully understand working at height, the dangers of working with Asbestos, how to use dangerous equipment properly, how to safely work in confined spaces, how to safely lift, understand how to properly protect their eyes and ears, etc... Fire Awareness training is a legal requirement for all staff and all construction workers require PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) training under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
We provide a selection of construction safety training courses aimed at improving health and safety practices across all different types of businesses. These include fire safety, manual handling, eye protection, ladder safety, working at height, and asbestos awareness training, just to name a few.