What is the Care Certificate?

“The Care Certificate is an agreed set of standards that define the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sectors” - Skills for Care.

It was developed by Skills for Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health. 

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Why is eLearning a good option for my staff?

eLearning is a fantastic option for all employers who are looking to get their staff up to speed with the Care Certificate quickly and cost-effectively. Learners can start and stop training when they want to/need to and our bitesize courses mean minimum disruption to the workday. eLearning goes hand in hand with the Care Certificate workbook and offers an engaging way of learning; pairing the two can be an effective way of retaining information. Think of eLearning and the workbook as the ultimate revision tool! 

Important: Learners do not obtain the Care Certificate by completing our set of courses. Each one of our courses equips learners with the knowledge that’s required to be put into practice in the workplace, whereby they can then do the ‘practical’ part of their training, followed by having the Care Certificate supplied to them by their management as they meet the required standards. 


We firmly believe that our courses are the best on the market in terms of quality. Every single one of iHASCO’s courses is produced with love, care, and passion. High-quality animation mixed with presenter-led narration makes for a highly engaging set of courses and with an average run-time of only 30 minutes, completing all of the 15 standards will only add up to around 7 hours of training time.

Following a framework gives you clear direction and motivation to learn each of the care standards and you can easily track your progress. Whether you choose to complete several standards at once or individually learners can go at their own pace so it is manageable. You can revisit any sections within a standard if you want to reinforce learning before completing the end-of-course multiple-choice test. The test is there to give you the reassurance that you have picked up the important information from each care standard.

As well as this, every one of our care certificate courses comes with an individual worksheet that allows learners to jot down important notes from each section of the course. You can see our worksheets here.

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How were the courses put together?

As with all iHASCO courses, each course is meticulously researched from start to finish. Our scriptwriters followed the official Care Certificate Workbook, as well as the Skills For Care information for employers and learners to make sure that every course is accurate and covers everything learners NEED to know.

Once both the scriptwriters and wider creative team are happy with the script, it’s then passed over to an animator to work their magic and produce an iHASCO standard course!

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How much will it cost? 

We prefer to build packages to precisely fit your needs. To give you the best pricing possible, please request a quote and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to give you a better idea of pricing.

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