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Why choose iHASCO for Food Hygiene Training?

A chef in the kitchen preparing vegetables, taken from iHASCO's online food safety & hygiene course.

Here at iHASCO, our Food Safety and Hygiene training bundle, means you can get your Food Hygiene certificates quickly, cost-effectively, and easily work towards compliance with UK legislation, regardless of whether it's level 1 food hygiene training, level 2 food hygiene training, or level 3 food hygiene training. Our Food Allergy Awareness and HACCP Level 2 courses are also highly relevant for all food businesses. 

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing iHASCO as your training provider:

  • IOSH or IIRSM approved & CPD accredited
  • Instant course certificates upon successful completion 
  • Suitable for all levels of staff working with food
  • High quality, video-based content to enhance the learning experience
  • Courses completed in as little as 35 minutes

Our eLearning package offers comprehensive training to cover all food safety training requirements. You can get instant access to our full course library here and see for yourself how simple we make your workplace training!

And here's further evidence to show you how much we put into the making of our courses, and show iHASCO are the obvious choice if you are looking for food hygiene training...
(Watch the video or read the transcript below!)

​​​​​​​We sat down with our Project Manager, Lottie Galvin, to discuss the making of our Food Hygiene Training courses

James: I just wanted to sit down with you and talk a little bit more about the food safety courses that you've finished recently 


James: So who would you say the courses are aimed at primarily?

LottiePrimarily I guess we're going for three industries which are catering, manufacturing and retail so within those spheres is anyone who handles food has to take these training courses.

James: So it's a big net to cast?


James: So with something like that if it's as varied as that, how do you do the background research to get the course content together?

LottieWell originally I went (because I wrote the courses) so I went to the CIEH which is the chartered institute of environmental health so they do separate courses for those three industry sectors. For levels one and two, so I gathered these syllabuses from those and I just kind of just worked out a way to put everything together in one, so we could offer one training course that caters to all three industries at the same time.

James: So you do the research obviously, and then we have a course at the end of it... How long does it take to produce front to back?

LottieOrdinarily, we look at about three to four months for a standard course but with this particular - in fact, this is probably our biggest project yet - it actually took us about six months from start to finish to make these two courses. So it was an animal!

James: Quite the undertaking! So if it took you six months to make, there must have been some more unique challenges that you had to face while making them. Do you have any?

LottieThere were quite a few actually it was probably the most expensive course to date as well so we actually had to set realistic budgets for what we wanted to achieve. We had to do three or four separate filming days to bring everything together. Ordinarily, we would only need a maximum of one. So tonnes of coordination with actors, directors, props. We had different people from different areas of iHASCO working with us as well, so coordination was a huge challenge. It wasn't quite a 'too many cooks spoiled the broth', which I just realised is a food pun... an unintentional food pun! But yeah it was probably the coordination of the whole thing, getting everything ready in time for a deadline was something else.

James: Yeah, I can imagine six months as well, trying to get everything together at the same time...

LottieAnd that was over the Christmas period as well. The animator was working on it so there were certain delays just because of the office closure and trying to book people in when they were all off on Christmas holidays and stuff.

James: Winter foods as well I imagine must have got in the way... (Yeah!) So now that they're finished, do you have a like a favourite personal piece or personal part of the courses that you really proud of?

LottieI'm gonna have to be honest and say that the part - my favourite part was not one that I contributed - but it was actually something that Elaine produced. It's a tiny little shot in the middle of the training course, where we're showing the damage that food spoilage can have. So, what she did is she set up effectively a little table's worth of fruit, and would go back every day and take different shots of it as it gradually decayed. It's only on the screen for a matter of seconds in the actual training course, but you actually watch in like quick time obviously how these strawberries and stuff just decay and get all this fur and stuff on them.

James: Like a disgusting time-lapse?

Lottie: Literally super beautiful but super gross! But really artistically done and that a little bit I just thought was gorgeous.

James: I'm going to ask you a bit of a curveball here, why do you think people should use iHASCO for their food hygiene training needs?

LottieI think, first of all, I guess it would just have to be an online training need like a lot of food safety and hygiene courses take absolutely hours whether that's other eLearning providers or in person. And I think sometimes when something takes that long you just lose focus and you don't always absorb the information you actually need to. So what I love about iHASCO is that we've absolutely ensured that everything that needs to be in that syllabus is in it, but you get everything in well well under an hour and a half. Which is probably I'd like to say, the only training course on the market that would give you that quality in such a short amount of time. And that it's for everyone as well isn't it? I mean you can take it from home, you don't have to leave your workplace, you could take it before you started work, on a lunch break, afterwards. So it's the convenience as well as the quality I think.

James: Well you've actually stolen my last question away from me because I was going to ask you how long the courses take to complete!

Lottie: Oh okay well I can give you specifics? Well, obviously we've got Level 1 which is for all level one food handlers - is 55 minutes. And then we've got Level 2 which is 70 minutes. And then I'm currently writing Level 3 which will be longer than 70 minutes but also far less than anything else out there! 

James: An alternative method? So in closing, who would you like to thank for making this happen? Obviously we only have you today but who else was involved in in the process?

LottieBig players in the process was Elaine who actually animated all of the pieces and did a lot of the storyboarding for the footage filming we did. Mike who filmed a vast number of the footage that you'll see in it and gathered all of our props and helped hire our actors. Brad who was there on the filming days and ensured that everyone got their food and drink, in order to stay hydrated. And he's got a cameo as well in a split second in one of the courses. And then also the production team that we hire externally, we had a cameraman helping us out that we've used for years. And I'm sure there are some people that feature as extras that I would just like to thank too. But honestly, it was a real team effort this one, I think that s why it's probably the course I'm most proud of... because there was so much to get done and we had to be so precise and articulate and we couldn't lose anything and I think we nailed it!

James: Brilliant, well I haven't actually seen them yet myself so I can't wait to look at them for the first time and thank you very much for taking the time out to talk to me today!

Lottie: You're welcome, thank you for having me!

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