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What’s the difference between HR Compliance and Business Compliance Training?

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If you are an eagle-eyed returning visitor to our website, you may have noticed that we’ve added an extra course subject type to our library. We introduced this “Business Compliance” field to provide clarity to our clients and others visiting our website on what the course aims to help your organisation achieve.

Previously, all of the courses that weren’t considered Health & Safety courses were adopted by the HR Compliance title, but as we’ve been developing multiple courses each month for well over a year, we understood that it was time to add this extra subject type.

But what is the difference between HR Compliance Training and Business Compliance Training? And how does it affect me?

What is HR Compliance Training?

Well, firstly let’s take a look at what HR is defined as:

In a company or other organization, the HR department is the department with responsibility for the recruiting, training, and welfare of the staff. HR is an abbreviation for 'human resources'.

Collins Dictionary

So, our HR Compliance Training has been designed to help your organisation towards legislative compliance with those exact topics or anything else that falls under the HR spectrum.

For example, a few of our courses that fall under this category include Equality & Diversity Training, Mental Health Awareness Training, Safer Recruitment Training, and Time Management Training.

You can see a full list of our HR Compliance Training courses on our website!

What is Business Compliance Training?

Business Compliance Training is (obviously, due to the nature of the blog) a little bit different from HR Compliance Training.

Our Business Compliance Training courses have been designed to work as a catalyst in an organisations compliance strategy.

They aim to educate learners on some of the key pieces of legislation that apply to all organisations, and have more of a focus on the surrounding legislation and how to comply with it.

This is inclusive of Anti-Bribery Training, Environmental Awareness Training, GDPR Essentials Training, and Whistleblowing Training.

You can take a look at all of our Business Compliance Training courses on our website.

Does this affect my training or certificates?

No. The content of the training remains the exact same, the change only affects where the courses can be found on our website.

As for the certificates, they also remain unchanged. The certificate will still display the title of the course completed, the name of the person who completed the training, their score, and the company name.

How our training can help your organisation

The reason for these changes is due to the fact that we wanted to help make our website simple to navigate. The nature of our business always falls down to making things simple (it’s one of our core values!), and ultimately, that is one of the key selling points of our eLearning solution.

Here at iHASCO, we recognise that eLearning has been boring for too long. So, we’ve changed that.

Whether you are interested in our interactive question slides, presenter-lead training style, our diverse course library, an integrated documents & policies feature, or you just have an appreciation of what our company stands for, we know that proof is always in the pudding; so here’s a free trial on us! We hope you enjoy it!