iHASCO core values

We work tirelessly to make a genuine difference to our clients through our high-quality, engaging workplace training. We're at war against BAD eLearning. Awful flat ‘presentations’ that do nothing to engage the learner but just move them through a series of slides that are poorly written, poorly animated and clearly designed only as a tick box exercise. We're iHASCO, we're different and this is how we build our team...

Make a genuine difference

  • We understand that our courses can play a crucial role in keeping client workforces safe

  • Our courses can also play a big role in improving mental health and spreading awareness of mental ill health

  • Our LMS assists managers all over the country

  • Our staff have secure and interesting jobs, with clear goals and targets

  • Our staff have support with their role, and with their mental health

"I love being part of the iHASCO family - and I love how open and proactive we are with supporting the wellbeing of our staff and our clients!"

Lottie Galvin - Studio Manager

Make training SIMPLE

  • Our New Business team shows companies how they can improve their staff training

  • Our Account Management team ensures clients get the most out of their training

  • iHASCOs courses are designed to make subject matter interesting

  • Our conversations are jargon free and our emails and calls are clear

  • Support issues raised are dealt with quickly and efficiently by friendly staff

Have fun and look after each other

  • We have 100 marginal improvements, made all the time to improve our environment

  • We want our staff to be stress free and we also have mental health first aiders available at all times.

  • We care for each other and help ensure iHASCO is a fun place to work

  • We spend a lot of our lives here, so there are areas to play and relax

  • We have regular events and work outings (+ 300 and 1200 clubs), and make sure everyone is involved

Three million celebration photo

"My career at iHASCO started with an apprenticeship. iHASCO has supported me in completing 2 NVQs, a Degree (BA hons) and a Postgraduate Certificate."

Alex Morris - Director

Seek constant improvement

  • The company can always do better, and staff can always do better, including management

  • We want all staff members to personally progress at iHASCO, as we grow

  • Coaching, training and advice is available, both to assist with your role, and on request

  • iHASCO can assist in structured further education and training

  • Staff are encouraged to identify personal areas for development and improvement

No negativity

  • Negative and disruptive people act as leeches and hold the company back

  • Wasting time on facebook, texting, whatsapp, other IM etc is not welcome

  • Negative comments about other staff will not be tolerated, it's not the type of atmosphere we want

  • Try not to raise a problem without first thinking of a solution

  • If you hear a colleague being negative, either ignore them, or be a positive influence!

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