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Why is HR and Compliance Training important?

Why is HR training and compliance important for SMBs?

Ever heard of the saying “You’re only as good as the people you hire”? Whether you believe in that saying or not, hiring new staff is not enough to develop your organisation on its own.

The people within your company were presumably hired for a good reason - they should be given the support to develop their skills. This is where training can really help your organisation to progress.

What does HR Compliance mean?

All organisations need to ensure that they are adhering to employment laws, regulations, and rules. To achieve compliance, HR needs to take a proactive approach to ensure that the organisation meets all of its legal obligations. This includes ensuring that staff receive their contractual and statutory workplace entitlements, preventing and tackling workplace discrimination, and keeping on top of any law changes that will affect them.

Many topics also need to be understood by their employees. For example, all employees should have an understanding of topics like equality, harassment, wellbeing, and biases.

Who is responsible for ensuring HR Compliance?

The responsibility of HR Compliance can fall on a number of different people depending on the infrastructure of the organisaiton.

Whilst someone working in HR is employed to advise and implement strategies to help work towards legislative compliance, it will typically be either the owner or director's legal duty to ensure compliance.

However, it is ultimately down to everybody within an organisation to ensure legislative compliance by following set policies and procedures introduced by the HR team. If staff are well informed about their expected responsibilities and behaviour, it makes it easier for them to recognise issues and report them immediately.

Why is HR training important?

No matter what industry you’re in, these days you’re probably faced with multiple, rapid changes due to technology and other factors. Just look at the GDPR as an example - it almost felt like it came out of nowhere, causing mass panic and forcing organisations to change their processes and ways of work.

In the ever-changing world of business, organisations have to be prepared for change. Having well-trained employees, who have a concrete understanding of the topics they have trained in, helps your organisation prepare for changes relating to that topic.

Good quality training also helps to ensure that everyone within your organisation is on the same page. It gives your employees an idea of the skills and behaviours expected of them and gives them a greater chance of working together more effectively.

Why is Wellbeing Training important?

Firstly, there are the obvious business benefits to supplying employees with training to help them manage their mental wellbeing. In fact, a recent report from Deloitte suggests that employers who invest in mental health awareness can see returns of up to £6 for every £1 spent!

Employees should be given the opportunity to train in important topics relating to their wellbeing like Resilience, Managing Anxiety, and Stress Awareness.

Secondly, employers have a moral responsibility to ensure that the wellbeing of their employees is looked after and those who understand that it is in everybody's best interests will come out on top in the long run. 1 in 6 people will have experienced a common mental health problem in the last week, so it's crucial that this issue is recognised by all employers and tackled head-on.

Online HR Compliance Training

No matter the size of your company, what industry you work in, and the nature of your work, our online HR Compliance courses can help you work towards legislative compliance with key HR topics and build a better workplace culture.

The topics within this course are designed for all levels of professionals, whether they are working by themselves or as part of a team.

Some of our most popular HR Compliance courses include Online Mental Health Awareness Training, Online GDPR Training, Online Equality and Diversity Training, and many others. We also provide a range of business compliance courses for you to explore.

Or, if you're looking for a quicker way to bring staff up to speed with the basics of HR, you may be interested in our new HR Compliance & Wellbeing Essentials Training course. This course can help to give your staff an understanding of a range of HR topics in just 45 minutes and provides a printable certificate upon completion! Request a quote or try our courses for free today! 

Online HR Compliance & Wellbeing Essentials Training