Becoming an iHASCO reseller 

Want to sell the highest quality eLearning content onto your clients? With our reseller programme it’s easy to do just that. We’ve been working successfully with a number of resellers over the years who have been able to make their clients training more engaging, cost-effective and most importantly, simple! 

iHASCO Reseller and Referral partners

Becoming an iHASCO referral partner 

We work with a number of organisations who have similar offerings but do not offer training or eLearning as a training option to bolster their offering. Including, but not limited to: 

  • HR services and consultants 
  • Health & Safety services and consultants
  • Fire safety services and consultants 
  • Business management services 
  • Trade Associations 
  • Training consultants 
  • Face to face trainers 

Become an iHASCO referral partner and every time you refer someone to us who becomes a paying customer, you’ll receive a percentage of the value of their first order.

Trade Associations

We work with a number of UK Trade Associations to bolster their membership benefits with discounted Health & Safety, HR and Compliance training. Not only can Trade Associations offer our services at a discounted rate, but they also act as a referral partner and can therefore also receive a percentage of the value of their first order.

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