General HR Compliance FAQs & Resources

As a leading provider of HR Compliance eLearning, our experts are often asked about HR Compliance. We've collected all of those questions and answered them for you below...

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General HR Compliance FAQs

Does my company need an HR department?

Smaller companies don't generally need a dedicated HR department but the employer will take the responsibility the department normally has on themselves. As businesses grow, the HR responsibility is often outsourced to outside vendors. As businesses grow beyond 40 members this is the point in which people tend to create an HR department within the business.

Do I have to complete an HR audit?

A company should have regular audits to find out whether the HR practices, procedures and policies are effective and good for their employees. Results can solve any problems or fill any gaps in a companies HR department. 

Do I need an employee handbook in my company?

From a legal stance, a handbook can help protect both the employees and employers and also help avoid problems. It also provides a guideline which means all the same rules apply to employees so everyone is on equal footing. It should touch upon the companies culture, policies and procedures. 

Can a company refuse a holiday request?

Holiday requests can be rejected when there are a large number of employees trying to take time off at the same time which would result in the business not being able to function as normal. For example, around Christmas time, lots of employees may want the same dates off. Religious holidays may also need to be considered by an employer. 

Do employers have to advertise jobs internally?

There is no legal requirement to do so but it is good practice to make employees aware of jobs being advertised. 

Can you loan money to your employees?

It is risky to lend money as an employer as it may become frequent from other staff once you have started with one employee. There may also be an additional stress added to the employee if they are struggling to pay it back. 

FAQs regarding our HR Compliance Courses

Why are these courses important?

These courses will allow employers to get the most from their employees whilst also meeting HR guidelines. It also allows employees to get the most from the company they are working at and create a positive workplace culture.

What devices are these courses available from?

Our courses can be completed on a range of devices, they’re compatible with Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, iPads and other tablets

What approvals do these courses have?

These courses have various approvals and accreditations such as; CPD Accreditation, IOSH Approval, RoSPA Approval.

How long are my certificates valid for?

It is up to the training administrator of the employee as to when training needs to be refreshed. However, to stay up-to-date with legislation, we recommend that training should be renewed every year.

Documents and resources

  • Bullying and Harassment - Common Problems

    This document as useful alongside our “Bullying and Harassment Risk Assessment” PDF. It includes the six common factors to consider when conducting a Risk Assessment, and it offers resolutions to common problems.

  • Legal Rights For New and Expectant Mothers

    This quick reference guide provides a quick recap of the basic rights of new and expectant mothers, including: paid time off, maternity and paternity leave, maternity pay and adoption leave. It also includes rights when deciding NOT to return to work, postnatal illness and RETURNING TO WORK.

  • Substance Misuse Policy - Suggested Inclusions

    There is no such thing as a STANDARD Substance Misuse Policy, because all organisations are DIFFERENT and need to have a policy to suit their own requirements. However, there ARE certain areas that must be covered in order for a Policy to be effective. Included here are important elements that should be considered in a Substance Misuse Policy.

  • The Anxiety Ladder

    Use our Anxiety Ladder to help ease any anxieties you may have. Start small, and work your way up the ladder by working on improving one situation at a time!