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Understanding Your Role in Care Training

Covering standard 1 of the Care Certificate, our Understanding Your Role in Care Training course aims to provide awareness to help make sure employees know what is expected from them in their job role.

25mHuman Resources

Personal Development in Care Training

Covering standard 2 of the Care Certificate, our Personal Development in Care Training provides information on why it is important for care workers to set goals for themselves in order to develop their skills.

20mHuman Resources

Duty of Care Awareness Training

Covering standard 3 of the Care Certificate, our Duty of Care Awareness Training explains the need to promote wellbeing and make sure that people in Care are kept safe for harm, abuse and injury.

30mHuman Resources

Equality & Diversity in Care Training

Covering standard 4 of the Care Certificate, this course helps you work towards compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and demonstrates the importance of providing the same levels of care to all patients.

30mHuman Resources

Person-Centred Care Training

Covering standard 5 of the Care Certificate, our Person-Centred Care Training effectively explores the key principles and will enable carers to work in a 'person-centred' way.

30mHuman Resources

Communication in Care Training

Covering standard 6 of the Care Certificate, our Communication in Care Training ensures that effective communication is carried out between the carer and patients, and the carer and colleagues.

30mHuman Resources

Privacy & Dignity in Care Training

Covering standard 7 of the Care Certificate, our Privacy & Dignity Training aims to educate those working in Care on how both privacy and dignity can be respected and protected within a care setting.

20mHuman Resources

Fluids and Nutrition in Care Training

Covering standard 8 of the Care Certificate, our Fluids and Nutrition in Care Training provides information on the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet for the elderly in a care setting.

25mHealth & Safety

Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities in Care Training

Covering standard 9 of the Care Certificate, our Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities in Care Training teaches carers to be aware of mental health conditions, learning disabilities and dementia within a care setting.

35mHuman Resources

Safeguarding Adults - Level 2 Training

Covering standard 10 of the Care Certificate, our Safeguarding Adults Training course teaches carers what to do if they suspect something is happening to a vulnerable adult and how to handle it in a sensitive and timely manner.

50mHealth & Safety

Safeguarding Children Training

Covering standard 11 of the Care Certificate, our Safeguarding Children Training course addresses the 4 ‘R’s of child protection - and is particularly suited to those working in the Education.

60mHealth & Safety

Basic Life Support in Care Training

Covering standard 12 of the Care Certificate, our Basic Life Support in Care Training gives carers basic knowledge support in a care certificate.

35mHealth & Safety

Health & Safety in Care Training

Covering standard 13 of the Care Certificate, Our Health & Safety in Care Training Course educates users on the legislation surrounding Health & Safety so that both the carer and the people receiving the care are protected.

30mHealth & Safety

Handling Information in Care Training

Covering standard 14 of the Care Certificate, this Handling Information in Care Training demonstrates the importance of confidentiality and security of patient information.

15mHuman Resources

Infection Prevention & Control in Care Training

Covering standard 15 of the Care Certificate, our Infection Prevention & Control in Care Training explains to those working in Care exactly how the chain of infection works, how to break the chain to stop it spreading further.

35mHealth & Safety

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