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Preparing for kick off in hospitality this summer

Preparing for kick off in hospitality this summer

As we approach a bustling summer season, it's essential for hospitality businesses to prepare their teams for the challenges ahead. With major events such as Euro 2024 and the Olympics on the horizon, the volume of guests can surge, leading to increased pressure on staff. 

So, what can your hospitality business do to navigate the risks of this summer rush? Here are our top tips... 

Onboarding new staff 

Hiring seasonal staff is a common practice in the hospitality industry, especially during busy periods. To ensure these new team members are ready to hit the ground running, consider the following approaches:  

Comprehensive onboarding: Implement a structured onboarding process that introduces seasonal staff to your company's policies, procedures, and culture. This helps them feel part of the team from day one.  

Regular check-ins: Schedule regular check-ins with new staff to address any concerns and provide feedback. This helps to identify potential issues early and ensures continuous improvement. 

Effective workplace training: You want to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out their work safely and effectively. By utilising e-learning, it allows staff to complete courses at their own pace, reducing the disruption to daily operations. 

Protecting employee mental health 

The mental wellbeing of your staff is paramount, particularly during busy and stressful periods. Here are some strategies to support their mental health: 

Raising awareness: Educating staff on recognising stress symptoms and coping mechanisms can empower them to manage their mental health effectively. We offer a range of courses including a Mental Health Awareness Training course and Stress Awareness & Management Training course. 

Open communication: Foster a workplace culture where employees feel comfortable discussing their mental health. Encourage open communication and provide access to counselling services if needed. 

Work-life balance: Promote a healthy work-life balance by ensuring staff have adequate time off to rest and recharge. This is crucial in preventing burnout and maintaining overall wellbeing. 

Supportive environment: Create a supportive environment where staff can seek help without stigma. Provide resources and information about mental health support services available to them. 

Conflict management 

With the influx of guests, the likelihood of conflicts can increase. Effective conflict management is essential to maintain a harmonious workplace. Consider the following tips: 

Training: Equip your staff with the skills to handle conflicts professionally. Our Conflict Resolution Training course can teach techniques to defuse tense situations and resolve disputes amicably. 

Clear policies: Establish clear policies for dealing with conflicts and ensure all staff are familiar with them. This provides a consistent approach to managing disputes. 

Immediate action: Address conflicts as soon as they arise to prevent escalation. Encourage staff to report issues promptly and handle them with sensitivity and fairness. 

Mediation: In cases where conflicts cannot be resolved internally, consider bringing in a mediator to facilitate discussions and find mutually acceptable solutions. 

As the busy summer period approaches, it's crucial to invest in the training and protection of your hospitality staff. By providing your staff with effective workplace training, you can equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to excel. Prioritising mental health, effective training, and conflict management will create a supportive work environment, ultimately leading to a more productive and satisfied workforce. 

Here at iHasco, we offer a range of accredited online workplace training courses designed for the hospitality sector. Some of our most popular courses include: 

  • Bar Staff Training (Working in Licensed Premises) 
  • Food Hygiene Training 
  • Customer Service Training 
  • Mental Health Awareness Training 
  • Conflict Resolution Training 

Ready to get the ball rolling ahead of the Euros? Claim your free, no-obligation trial to these courses today! Alternatively, you can request a bespoke quote and we’ll be in touch to discuss your training requirements.