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Behind the approver - IIRSM

Behind the approver - IIRSM

In case you missed it - This month, at the start of each week we have been publishing entries into a series of blog posts that focus on the recognised authorities that approve, accredit, and endorse our online training courses.

This week, we’re going to be focusing on a leading charity & professional body focused on managing risk in the workplace; International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM).

Who are IIRSM?

IIRSM are a charity and professional body for those managing risk in all its forms.

Focussing on a broader picture of risk management, IIRSM don’t limit themselves to Health & Safety risks, they focus on all areas of business that could pose a risk. For example, cyber security and data protection.

Their primary role is to bring together individuals with a common interest in risk management techniques to make better decisions in business operations.

However, one of the main schemes delivered by IIRSM is their Training Approval Scheme, which, after a thorough review process, allows training providers to use the IIRSM seal of approval on their courses that meet the correct criteria.

What are the benefits of completing a IIRSM Approved Training course?

Like any well-recognised approval body, their seal of approval means that you can be assured the course you’re taking is of high-quality, will help to develop your knowledge and/or skills, contains accurate information, and the logo on the certificate will reflect these key benefits.

IIRSM has been operating for over 45 years, and they are very well recognised amongst risk management professionals worldwide. Therefore, using courses that have been approved by IIRSM shows that your organisation values credibility when it comes to training and that you want your employees to learn from their training, rather than using training as a tick box exercise

Another way that IIRSM stands out from other approval bodies is by offering their members a number of perks, including exclusive discounts on the courses that they approve.

With that said, IIRSM members receive a 10% discount on any of our courses which are approved by them!

Which of iHASCO’s courses are IIRSM Approved?

Here at iHASCO, we’ve got a number of courses that are IIRSM Approved, including:

We value IIRSM’s independent and professional assessment of the content of our courses and it gives us great satisfaction to be able to promote our courses with their seal of approval.

Alex Wilkins Tech.IOSH, Head of Business Development at iHASCO

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