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How frequently are food hygiene inspections carried out?

How frequently are food hygiene inspections carried out?

If you run a business that produces or prepares food, you will receive a visit from a food hygiene inspector to make sure that you are in compliance with regulations regarding the safety of food production and preparation.

The inspector will check that your business produces or prepares food that is safe to eat. To do this, they will look at:

  • your working premises
  • the kinds of food that you produce or prepare
  • how you work with/handle the food
  • your food safety management system

The food hygiene inspector will normally turn up due to a routine inspection. However, they might visit because of a hygiene complaint. How often the inspectors routinely inspect your business depends on the type of business that you run and its previous record. Some premises may be inspected at least every six months, but normally it would be much less frequent.

Inspectors do have the right to enter your premises to carry out a hygiene inspection, providing the hours are reasonable. The inspector does not have to make an appointment and will usually come without notice.

Food Safety & Hygiene Training

At iHASCO, we offer a Food Safety & Hygiene Level 1 Training course AND a Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Training course; both of which were designed to be suitable for any staff who work around food. By completing the food hygiene courses, you would be exercising your due diligence by showing commitment to compliance with The Food Hygiene Regulations (2006)

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