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Yes, you can carry out the role of one or more duty holder. However, you have to have the skills, training, knowledge or experience to carry out the role and ensure the health and safety of individuals.

It is notifiable when it lasts longer than 30 days and has more than 20 workers working at the same time at any point or if it exceeds 500 person-days.

If it is notifiable, the client must write to the HSE and submit an F10 form before the construction phase.

The client has the responsibility to notify a construction project. But the client is allowed to ask someone to notify on their behalf.

No, it doesn’t. The new 2015 legislation is the same as the 2007 legislation.

'construction work' means the carrying out of any building, civil engineering, or engineering construction work and includes—

(a)the construction, alteration, conversion, fitting-out, commissioning, renovation, repair, upkeep, redecoration, or other maintenance (including cleaning which involves the use of water or an abrasive at high pressure, or the use of corrosive or toxic substances), decommissioning, demolition or dismantling of a structure;

Sections B, C, D, & E can be found within the legislation. 

- The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

It is any person who has construction work carried out in their home or family members home and is not part of any business.

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