Neurodiversity Awareness Reviews

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Average score 4.6

144 reviews

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  • 9% 4
  • 6% 3
  • 3% 2
  • 3% 1
Very informative, good examples

Very easy to follow course with manageable sections and good use of true/false questions throughout. Good graphics too and good examples to assist learning.

Very intuitive and easy to understand

No summary provided

Good and very informative

Good training to help understand neurodiversity with helpful definitions. Like the rue or false questions throught the training.

Good videos, bad questions

Videos are informative and well made. The multiple choice questions however, are so weak as to make paying attention irrelevant. Please take more care in ensuring those who take your courses actually understand the material.


I really enjoyed learning this course it is very well read out and in a way I understand stood thank u

Excellent and concise

I didn't realise before the diversity of conditions. Excellent in improving my understanding of the different groups, and how to support individuals to reach their potential and add value to the business.

Its good to improve the workplace

my experience has been that people often focus on the challenges of neurological diversity. I wanted to change the narrative and create a balanced view which focuses equally on our talents and strengths.

It was clear, concise and user friendly

I have learned a lot from this. I have worked with many diverse groups of people but have felt quite out of touch with recent and many new opinions, thoughts and feelings. It has helped me feel more confident when working with teens.


Very interesting and thought provoking.

Good, but would like it to be split up

The save functionality is good, but often I don't get to go back to it for several days or weeks even, so shorter, distinct modules would help.


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