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Enjoyed this course.

Very interesting course, we all know someone with mental health problems, this helps us to recognise what help is on offer.

The mental course is great

Mental health course has given me a greater understanding of myself and other peoples needs.

Slow course because of using a mobile ph

To carry out a course on a mobile phone ,is just ridiculous, the phone keeps stopping ,the internet is absolutely terrible, very slow and lagging, this needs to be either done on a computer, or a proper tablet, I have noted this a number of times before but we keep getting courses on phones which are not suitable to take a course on. I suggest we have three or four people up at the office at one time and carry out a course on the big screen so everyone can learn correctly and not miss anything out ,and then answer the questions correctly without having to keep tapping the phone as it's gone black and you end up pressing the wrong answer, again this has been noted a number times before, on each course we have done but seems to fall on deaf ears

A great refresher on an important topic

A great refresher on an important topic that many people choose to ignore or overlook.This has made me think again about my own mental health and that of my friends/colleagues.



i learnt something new every course

No summary provided

Speed of clips too fast

Please have an option to slow the speed of the people speaking and clips. Hard to take in information as too quick.

Brilliant course!

Quality material, excellent visuals, very helpful tools and practices, with loads of solid references and extra resources. Thank you!

easy to use

bite size sections really helpful and easy to understand.

Mindfully done, not overwhelming.

Content details and examples were just right.


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