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same tired format

No summary provided

Fairly generic.

This is just a summary of what you could argue is common sense.

Tedious & pointless ,

No comparison to Building Industry , CSCS health & safety certificate scheme . I passed & held the card for several years . Allowing me to work on site without any accidents .

Too long for a refresher.

Far too long for a yearly refresher course, especially when focussing on workloads and you have to find time to squeeze all this training in.

One question

One question was wrong. I know I had the right answer, but you said it was wrong, you need to check it. I have a terminal disease, you didnt mention that either did you?

Informative but didn't like the test

I feel that mental health isn't something that should have a "test". A lot of the questions were really just the person who answers opinion. Unsure if it something that can be right or wrong. Nevertheless, I enjoyed learning about other techniques to improve my mental health. Thanks for running these courses.

too long

Important topic of course, but this training was far too long!

Too long

This course just felt like it dragged and largely repeated itself, it could have/should have been half as long.

Not impressed!

Whilst the course does give a good first overview on different mental health issues. I think it should also focus on how mental health can be improved AT work, and what our responsibilities are regarding our own and our colleague's mental health to create an environment where people feel supported. Some of the suggestions are shallow and generalising (e.g. going to bed earlier doesn't necessary mean you sleep, certainly not if work stress is the cause of your insomnia!). Also, some of the test questions are ridiculous - for example, if your job pushes you to a breaking point, you shouldn't be working outside of your comfort zone! As employers it is our duty to support our employees and make reasonable adjustments, which is not highlighted at all on this course, which basically puts the blame on the employee for having "negative thought patterns" and the solution offered is to "change your outlook" or "have you tried CBT" when actually the mental health issue may be directly caused by an unreasonable workload, or workplace bullying, and reasonable adjustments at work may be required.

Long and Unnecessary

The course should be voluntary as people who deal with the normal ups and downs of life will now imagine they have some form of mental health problems.


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