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Very good

It was very good and i learn how i should conduct myself


No summary provided

Very useful

Very interesting and helpful course and well presented

Very interesting and informative

This was very well presented and the filming and animation was helpful. The additional information was useful, too.



Liked the way it was presented

It was really good, liked the graphics and the thread theme. Interesting and informative

clearly set out

No summary provided

Educational and practical training

A monochrome perspective of a work environment and how 'everyone' should conform to ensure no one is left feeling any negative aspect of working for a company, based on having respect and presenting positivity towards any protected characteristics. In short the course reflects harmony and how an ideal work environment can be achieved if we all take '60 seconds' of "How would I feel"

Great course!

I liked that the course is easy to follow. The sections are broken down into manageable topics/areas with examples given and periodic short test questions to aids learning. The additional course material(s)/information is optional. However, I found it useful to read them. All-in-all, the course covered every aspect of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion!

a statisfactory attempt :(

I appreciate that this course was an attempt but I do not think it is appropriate for an ActionAid setting, as it is predominatly UK based and the ideas and concepts are often derived from UK based precedence. I appreciate the components around anti-racism, SOGIESC and gender inclusion but I think these are largely superficially reflected here and colleagues in ActionAid have far more experience to train on such concepts. This training was very basic for an organisation like ActionAid. It does not look to me like the wider organisation was consulted on this training. I do not think that this course should replace other mroe comprehensive AAI training, for example the sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse components of the training should not take precedence of the ActionAid online training for SHEA and Safeguarding. I do not think that as organisations we are going to overcome our challenges with this one training which is not nby any stretch of the imagination fit for purpose for our organisation. This is going to require work and a commitment to addressing structural inequalities and systematic issues around organisational culture. We can no longer hide behind training to run away from addressing problems head on.


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