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Risk Assessment Training

Risk assessments are one of the simplest ways of preventing accidents. Complete our Risk Assessment Training online in just 35 minutes and work towards compliance with Health and Safety regulations. Includes free risk assessment tool.

30mHealth & Safety Management

Accident Reporting Training

Should an accident happen in the workplace, it is crucial that it is recorded and reported in order to improve safety and prevent accidents of a similar nature from happening again. Our course includes a downloadable accident report form and is one of our shortest courses, taking just 15 minutes to complete.

15mHealth & Safety

Essential Health and Safety Training

There are key areas of Health and Safety that your staff are required to know by law. This Health and Safety Basics Course is the perfect comprehensive introduction to Health and Safety, including the major topics that will help to keep your workplace safe.

45mHealth & Safety

Health and Safety Training for Managers & Supervisors

Employers and managers have a responsibility for the Health and Safety of employees. This concise and easy-to-follow course is the ideal solution for helping managers understand their duties under current legislation.

30mHealth & Safety Management

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