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Confused about CDM? We’ve got it covered

Confused about the CDM Regs?

As ever, with a little carefully chosen research, it soon becomes clear that the anxiety surrounding CDM is born primarily out of a lack of understanding of the principles behind the change (along with some residual confusion surrounding CDM2015’s regulatory predecessors.)

With a good portion of the UK construction industry already preoccupied with a fight or flight attitude to the government’s 2016 BIM deadline, it’s little wonder that many have again opted for a ‘head in the sand’ approach to CDM. Demystifying changes to these long-standing design guidelines is in principle no more scary, complex or nonsensical than the reasoning behind the industry-wide push for greater (and crucially, more efficient) collaboration.

CDM Regulations Training Course

Click here to download our CDM Whitepaper for free today! Although perhaps not an exhaustive resource, this document intends to elucidate and explore some of the key rationales behind the recent legislative changes, and provide a foundation upon which project owners can build expertise, as well as source their health and safety training with confidence.