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Our new Autism Awareness course - a chance to understand others

Autism Awareness - a chance to understand others

There are around 700,000 diagnosed autistic children and adults in the UK today. As public acceptance of the condition becomes stronger, individuals become more well-informed on symptoms, earliest age of diagnosis, and interventions or support that can be essential to the development of individuals with autism. 

This understanding also paves the way for more well-adapted workplaces for autistic adults to thrive in. As an employer, employing autistic people demonstrates that your company cares about equality and diversity, and emphasises a positive attitude toward people with neurodivergence. And what’s more, having a diverse workforce is beneficial for both employees and the business. In fact, managers and co-workers report that working with an autistic co-worker is a hugely rewarding experience that makes them think more thoughtfully about how they communicate, organise, and prioritise their work.

Autism Awareness - Why You Should Learn More

To support workforces to better understand autism and create increased awareness, iHasco have developed a new Autism Awareness course. With support from autism coach and specialist, Alex Kelly from WayMakers, the course provides general awareness training for individuals with little knowledge about the condition and its impact on those who live with it. Autism is also put into context, with sections on autism in education (children), at work (adults), and how best to support autistic people in these environments. 

In just half an hour, this insightful introduction also covers the autistic spectrum, the condition’s impact on people and their loved ones, the genetic factors that can influence autism, and the social and non-social communication aspects that affect the day-to-day life of someone who is autistic.

This course is ultimately for everyone and aims to enrich our society and workplaces by accepting the wonderful differences that we all have. 

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