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Employee bitesized guide series: Mental health & wellbeing in the workplace

A bitesized guide to core health & safety. An employees guide.

We have produced a range of bitesized employee guides to provide a brief overview of some of the key HR and Health & Safety topics, relevant to all workplaces. While it is not a substitute for training it can be a good way to introduce your employees to these topics and promote a learning culture within your organisation.

The second title in our series of bitesized guides for employees is about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. It will help employees:

  • Discover the importance of good mental health and managing stress at work 
  • Understand how to assess their own mental health & wellbeing
  • Access further information & resources

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We will be releasing more bitesized guides soon, including Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, GDPR & Cyber Security and Soft Skills...

If you missed our first employee bitesized guide on core health and safety you can download it here.

Supporting your staff with their mental health and wellbeing

Sharing this guide with your staff is a great place to start, but did you know you can also provide online mental health and wellbeing training to your employees? 

Courses include Mental Health Awareness, Managing Anxiety, Stress Awareness & Management and Resilience training. These short courses are a wonderful tool to help your employees understand the importance of good mental health & wellbeing, as well as learn tools to support them for life - both in the workplace and their wider lives. Request instant access to our course library so you can see for yourself how valuable these courses would be to your employees. 

Online mental health awareness training