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August’s free soft skills courses!

August's free soft skills courses - Mindfulness and Responding to Change

Another month, another 2 free courses!

Our Soft Skills Summer continues with our clients being able to get FREE access to 2 of our newly released Soft Skills Courses, this month we have launched...

Responding to Change and Mindfulness!

The same as July, there will be no access fees and this offer won’t use credits, but once activated, your staff have access to each course for 30 days only.  

These courses will...

  • Help staff understand the meaning of mindfulness and explore the importance of practising it no matter where they find themselves - both at work and in their personal lives! They will also be given some basic tips and exercises that they can use throughout their day to get the most out of mindfulness immediately and as often as they need to. 
  • Provide staff with some steps to follow so they can learn to better handle their feelings and confidently respond to change. They will better understand their natural reactions and how to handle them, which will mean that their response to change can improve and their feelings about change will change too.

Wait! There's more...?!

We also have a free White Paper... Managing Change: For Managers.  This White Paper gives line managers practical and insightful tips on bringing about the changes that are taking place at work, how to manage the transition process and they will understand what the role of a manager is when it comes to change in the workplace. 

This White Paper is the perfect pairing for Managers with our Responding to Change Training Course...

Download our White Paper today

Need a reminder on how to access these free courses?

Accessing these free courses couldn’t be easier! Simply log into your LMS, click on the “course library” tab and you’ll see a promotional card to add each course to your account. You can then assign each course to your staff manually or assign it to everyone. Access to each course will be limited to 30 days from the moment you add the courses to your account and you will receive email notifications to let you know when this access is near to expiring. 

Should you need any assistance, please contact your account manager or speak to a member of our support team. 

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