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Food Safety: Workplace Design & Equipment Checklist Download

Animation of a workplace kitchen

The structure of kitchens, food counters, food factories and any equipment should be designed with food safety in mind, because if a building or it’s facilities are damaged or hard to clean, they will compromise the safety of the food. The best materials for the structure of food premises - as well as any equipment and utensils - should be hard-wearing, waterproof, smooth, easy to clean and resistant to cracking and chipping.

Food handlers are responsible for reporting to a supervisor if they notice any damage to food contact surfaces, equipment or the building itself. For example, just a small hole can provide a way in for pests such as mice, or a work surface with a crack in it can harbour bacteria and even cracked plastic lining in a chiller can result in food contamination.

Your premises must also have good lighting and ventilation, and employers must provide hot and cold running water; enough basins for handwashing, food washing and equipment washing as well as antibacterial soap and hygienic drying facilities.

As a supervisor or business owner, you will be personally responsible for meeting some, if not all, legal requirements that are connected to the design and maintenance of your workplace and equipment. We’ve outlined the legal responsibilities in this resource below and it also includes a checklist for you to use...

Download Our Workplace Design & Equipment Checklist

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