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iHASCO offers free training to all key workers across the UK

iHASCO have been added to the COVID-19 support catalogue offers, put together by the Crown Commercial Service.

Free training for key workers

To all key workers across the UK - we can't thank you enough.

But there is something we can offer. We'd love to supply key workers from all essential services with free IOSH approved Mental Health Awareness and Infection Control training during these challenging times.

Mental health and wellbeing has long been high up on the agenda for employers, but now, it's more important than ever before. The coronavirus pandemic could have a "profound" effect on people's mental health - now and in the future, say psychiatrists and psychologists who are calling for urgent research. Our Mental Health Awareness course can be completed in just 30 minutes and provides tools and guidance for daily wellbeing management. We also have a course designed specifically for the Care Sector.

Infection Prevention and Control training is incredibly important in day-to-day life but with the recent Coronavirus pandemic affecting tens of thousands in the UK alone, it's crucial that key workers are given high-quality training to stop the spread of the virus and save lives. It's not just care specific either, this course can be used in ANY workplace, although we do also offer a care specific version of the course. 

If you're a key worker or you're an employer of key workers, get in touch today and we can get your account set up, free of charge.

To find more support for your business, head over to the COVID-19 Catalogue of Supplier Offers.

*This offer has now expired.