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4 important new titles released!

4 new courses coming this March!

In both January and February we released 3 new courses - well, this March we have outdone ourselves by launching 4 new courses! The importance of these four courses can be crucial to the safety and wellbeing of your workplace.

Mental Health Awareness in Education

Mental Health Awareness in Education Preview

Animator: Matt Newport

Scriptwriter: Lottie Galvin

Sadly, 67% of education professionals describe themselves as stressed. Additionally, 74% of education professionals believe they do not have enough guidance about mental health and wellbeing at work.

Teachers are at breaking point and wellbeing needs to be pushed way up the agenda.

Ensure that your staff have the knowledge needed to identify mental ill-health problems and teach them how to support people in the workplace and even day-to-day life with our fantastic Mental Health Awareness in Education Training course!

Whistleblowing Training

Whistleblowing Training Preview

Animator: Elaine Roberts

Scriptwriter: Sarah Cushenan

According to Protect, 1 in 10 workers in the UK stated that over the last two years they had witnessed some form of corruption, wrongdoing or malpractice.

Providing workers with the right information when it comes to whistleblowing is essential for an employer to show that they are equipping their staff to deal with any cause for concerns. 

Equip your employees with step-by-step information of what they should do to put forward concerns to an internal or external party through the 3 easy steps on our Whisteblowing Training course!

Spill Kits Training x2

Animator: Charlotte Cottrell

Scriptwriter: Sarah Cushenan

Spills can pose a large risk to both people and the environment. There are a variety of spill kits designed for certain circumstances - and one of the most common types of spill kits is for cleaning up chemicals & oils or bodily fluids.

Spill Kits for Chemicals & Oils

Spill Kits for Chemicals and Oils Training Preview

Certain staff should be taught the best practices when handling spillages of hazardous liquids and how to safely handle the spill.

Our Spill Kits for Chemicals & Oils Training course looks at what a spill kit contains, when you need to use it and what procedure to follow when you encounter a spill.

Spill Kits for Bodily Fluids

Spill Kits for Bodily Fluids Training Preview

Staff working primarily in the care and education sector should also be trained on how to clear a spillage of bodily fluids.

We are now offering our Spill Kits for Bodily Fluids Training course that covers the best way to prevent spillages of bodily fluids and how to use the equipment safely when cleaning the spillage up.

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