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Three new courses to kickstart 2019!

New iHASCO courses for January 2019

Ah, January, we meet again.

It can be a difficult month for many as normal life resumes after weeks of over-indulging and relaxing over the Christmas period. In fact, one in five people report experiencing the 'January blues' and it can be down to a number of factors including going back to work, quitting smoking, weather and others. Sorting out training for the new year can often add to the blues, but sorting your training out with iHASCO is as simple as can be and we’re kickstarting 2019 with three fantastic new courses for you!

Fraud Prevention

Preventing external fraud - Fraud Prevention Training

In 2016/17 a shocking 272,980 fraud offences occurred in the UK alone and the 2014 global fraud study revealed that a typical organisation loses an average of 5% each year due to fraud! The most common fraud scenarios in a workplace include:

  • Payroll fraud - Owners need to enforce accountability among bookkeepers and have an understanding of how the payroll system works.  Payroll fraud occurs in 27% of businesses!
  • Cash theft - Probably the easiest way for a fraudster to steal money. Skimming, larceny and fraudulent disbursement are the most common ways of committing cash theft.
  • Online banking - Whilst online banking has made banking in general much easier, it has also increased fraud in the form of funds being transferred into erroneous accounts.
  • False invoicing - This often strikes when an employee creates false suppliers or when they pay a legitimate supplier and divert the cash into an alternative account.
  • Invoice email - This often involves perpetrators who pose as suppliers and divert funds into their own account. Fraud, in this case, may not be detected until it’s too late.

Equip the relevant people within your organisation with the skills to prevent fraud and work towards compliance with the Fraud Act 2006, with our Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training.

Customer Service

Customer Service Training

Every business needs to prioritise customer service and training is essential for anyone that works in a customer-centric role. Experiencing good customer service from an organisation promotes trust and makes a customer more likely to use a service again. In fact, a recent study suggested that one happy customer can lead to NINE referrals - but on the flipside - one angry or dissatisfied customer can lead to SIXTEEN ‘anti-referrals’.

If you have a dedicated customer services/support team or would like to train specific individuals on customer service, then look no further! Our Customer Service Training is ideal for all staff.

Conflict Resolution

Looking at how positive body language can impact conflict resolution

Conflict is, unfortunately, a part of most people's daily lives, but well-managed conflict can result in very positive changes and the truth is that most managers or seniors within an organisation don’t know how to effectively deal with conflict. A conflict that is handled poorly, or not handled at all, can cause irreparable damage to your organisation's productivity and reputation.

Learn how to effectively deal with conflicts in the workplace with our Conflict Resolution Training.

Interested in any of the above courses? Register your interest today and we’ll be in touch to provide more information.

Our HR Compliance Library

As well as over 20 years experience in Health & Safety, iHASCO have also specialised in HR compliance training for a number of years now and we’re proud to now boast a library over 30 HR compliance courses! Regardless of what sector you work in, our courses allow you to work towards HR compliance with ease and our engaging courses make training a joy for staff!