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Unconscious Bias Training now live!

Unconscious Bias Training now live!

After months of hard work from our scriptwriters and animators, we're delighted to announce that both of our Unconscious Bias Training courses are now live! 

What is an Unconscious Bias? 

Every one of us has conscious biases that we are aware of, but did you know that we also have biases that we are unaware of? These are stored away in our mind and have a big impact on the way we think and how we behave; these are our unconscious biases! 

Our creative team put the following video together which explains it better than I can... 😉 

Explaining Unconscious Bias...

Why is Unconscious Bias Training needed? 

Unconscious Bias Training is needed because our unconscious biases have a big impact on key decisions - more often than not they lead to unfair judgements and less diverse working environments. Our Unconscious Bias Training will help you identify, challenge and reduce unconscious bias in the workplace! 

Unconscious Bias Training should be taken by everyone, but there are some who might find our courses slightly more relevant than others, such as key decision makers and anyone working in recruitment.

What the team are saying... 

A massive well done to Lottie and Elaine who have worked so hard on these 2 courses. Lottie was responsible for the fantastic scripts behind the two courses and Elaine brought the scripts to life with some stunning animations and graphics, these courses look unbelievable! See for yourself at the bottom of this blog!  

I really enjoyed working on these courses as I was able to let my imagination run a little further than for the more straight-forward courses. It was fun to imagine how the filing system of a person's brain might look. I was going for a slightly Alice in Wonderland style with the chequered floor and surreal feel. The drawers of the brain I imagined were battered from wear and tear – a little like my own brain feels sometimes!

I gave the drawers individual labels such as ‘Do NOT open’ or ‘Wishes’. Although I realise that the casual viewer may not even notice this. I suppose as an animator - this is how we make our own fun. I found it an interesting subject to work on that really made me think – and I probably learnt a few useful things for my own personal development too. Thanks to Lottie for writing a great script!

Elaine Roberts, lead animator for Unconscious Bias Training

This project has taught me so much about how humans are conditioned to think, behave and act, and how oblivious we can be to it all! But it's also taught me that we have the power to wake up and become aware of our thoughts and behaviour, and the impact they have on our relationships with each other.

My wish is that this course helps people realise that the power is in their own hands - with a few simple tools, an open mind, and a willingness to put automatic judgements aside - the workplace can become free of bias, inequality and discrimination.

Lottie Galvin, Scriptwriter for Unconscious Bias Training

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