About Tate Fencing

Tate Fencing have been on board with us since 2016. They use over 50 of our courses to help them with their Health & Safety and HR Compliance needs. Their course library includes Manual HandlingCOSHH, and Asbestos Awareness - courses that are incredibly important to keeping their employees safe at work, but they also use HR Compliance courses like Bullying and Harassment Awareness and Unconscious Bias Training

Tate Fencing have been a happy client with us for nearly 5 years now and we recently got in touch with Simon Withers, the General Manager / H&S Manager who stated that the reason he wanted to get involved with our eLearning was so that they could work towards compliance with legislation.

  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Founded: 2008
  • No. of employees: 50+
  • Location: South East, UK

What made iHASCO stand out?

"We looked at several online training providers before going with iHASCO. The quality of training, costs of training and the backup without hidden costs were best for us. All of the training provides a good basis and grounding in preparation for practical training and induction training. (very clear and concise with good content and no waffling) a huge time saving for larger employers. Your user-friendly system makes things very manageable for us and you have great staff providing an efficient service."

What is it you like most about iHASCO?

"This is not a sale and forget the customer, personal account managers always ensure regular contact and assist on any problems or further needs. Thank you, Charlotte Sandford."