Unconscious Bias Training for Management Reviews

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Average score 4.6

80 reviews

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Very engaging and thought provoking

No summary provided

Great course

Really good and informative course. Even though I was well aware of some of this already, I was still able to take lots from it. I think if a lot more managers are open to taking tests like this, then the work industry will slowly over time become a better place.

Great, visual and in depth.

Really well put together. I learnt a lot about common types of bias. I enjoyed the speaker's style, she was well-spoken and well presented. I also liked that she was a woman and of colour (more relatable and I listened more as I imagine she had lived experience of experiencing negative/positive bias).As an opportunity for improvement, you might consider including some specific and explicit illustrations and examples of Racial Bias given the recent social upheavals lead by Black Lives Matters.

Challenging stereotype

An interesting and thought provoking course that certainly makes you think about the way you may snap judgements about other people.

Extremely useful

Extremely useful & helpful. A lot of information regarding recruitment etc definitely expanded my knowledge.I'd definitely recommend.

Interactive,practical, thought provoking

No summary provided

Very clearly broken down and explained

I really liked the short-form format. Each section was well broken down and explained, with good visual prompts and a good explanation by the presenter. Having optional closed captions also helped (although they did sometimes go over on-screen text and images). Little questions worked through it kept engagement going.

really intresting and gets you thinking

excellent course for people to question their actions and how they see others.

This is a very informative course.

An excellent course for every teacher in leadership & management to undertake

Clear, substantiated, well-illustrated

An engaging, thoughtful, imaginative and fair-minded approach to a subject on which many people probably have some innate (even if unconscious) resistance. Some very useful categories and definitions.

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