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Very practicable

wnjoyable and very factual

Quick and easy to watch

Interesting to note that multi-tasking is "a myth" and, yet, we all have to try and do it everyday!!

Excellent, thank you.

I find the online training excellent. I can fit it into my working day, as and when I am available. Many thanks, Jacqui Crawford

Chimes with the Franklin Covey training

I just wanted to point out that following the Time Management Training training advice would mean I did not reply to this email: It is neither urgent nor important for my work (and in fact a Time Bandit). However, I couldn't let the irony pass without comment...

this is a good tool for time management

No summary provided

Huge waste of time

Tries to be poetic, wasting time I should be working. Gives advice contrary to ihasco's security modules - eg. go work in a coffee shop on unsecure connection. Unrealistic work-time practices - eg. work for 10 mins then take a break

present in a way that is easy to follow

Nice small segments that break it down to make it easy to follow. Flows well


No summary provided

Short and to the point -

Learnt what time management is Having GOALS - To achieve these - need to keep an Activity log to maintain short term goals via a To do list Priority list Allocating tasks to specific times Procrastination Time bandits - internal and external. Learnt new terms of office distractions How to handle time bandits Temptation bundling Time management - the above are areas that can help maintain Time Management efficiently and effectively for our daily and long terms tasks and more importantly for our wellbeing

Enjoyed the course

have learnt a few this on how to manage my time


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