Manual Handling Training Reviews

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Average Score 4.37

7,522 Reviews

  • 57% 5
  • 29% 4
  • 10% 3
  • 2% 2
  • 2% 1
Very good well structured course

A good course and easy to understand and take in without too much information to confuse someone.

Excellent very well explained

Superb will recommend

Easy to use and informative

I found the course easy to use and would recommend that business’ use this sort of training as it allows people to understand the course at their own pace and not have the embarrassment of asking to repeat from a trainer as they can simply review any section not understood.


Very easy to understand and to follow the instructions

well laid out in presentation and info.

The experience of the granted course was almost perfect. The presentation was very well done and read via the presenter, information was routed across clearly and with also the addition of summaries to the end of each clip for reminders is brilliant. Every segment was broken down and displayed in a programmable manner in which minimised any possible chance of confusion I believe however I also believe the only downside was it seemed to easy.Never the less whether that was due to how smoothly relayed everything was or the question choices, i'd recommend this to others.

Productive and easy to understand.

Yes, I did find find it very helpful. Very good information even if it was a small course. I believe that even if I think that I know good techniques already, is always good to have a professional review.

Very clear with good simple explanations

No summary provided

Very good

The whole program was easy to use from the point of receiving the email to accessing the program online. The training was easy to understand and clearly demonstrated. I learnt so much about my back and the everyday use of it. By the time I got to the test I felt a good level of confidence in my knowledge and my ability to pass.

Very helpful

It was easy to understand and very straight forwards

Very easy and simple

No summary provided