Manual Handling Training Reviews

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Average score 4.5

10387 reviews

  • 65% 5
  • 24% 4
  • 8% 3
  • 1% 2
  • 2% 1
Very easy to listen to . Makes sense ver

No summary provided

Straight forward and easy to understand

Breaking it into short sections worked as the subject matter is quite dry and it would be easy to lose concentration

Good informative training tool

Pretty strait forward, as we have all seen something similar over the years. Doesn't do any harm to go over it again. I thought it was interesting to go into a bit more detail of the physical structure of the back. Could have done with watching it 30 years ago.

Easy to navigate and user friendly

It was good that the course was broken into chunks, good to see a course modern and user friendly

5 Stars

I have more knowledge after the test.


I selected do a RA and the answer was avoid MH if you can - but you cant so I think if should be RA - Just my opinion

Good, clear, helpful

Useful, interesting, clearly explained training

Good presentation

Good overall at your own pace.

Clear and relevant tips.

Basically fine - it compares well with other online courses I have done.The section on back anatomy was OK for me (I have a medical background) but I wonder how easy or releveant it would be for the average person who needs to do this course.

Key aspects clearly taught

I've found all the ihasco courses I've done to be really good- clearly and concisely presented, key points explained well, no overload of information - and not too long. Brilliant

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