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Average score 4.6

156 reviews

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Waste of time

I've worked from home for 28 years. I didn't find this at all useful although it might have been for someone who has never done it before. More individual training assessment needs required.

Some useful points but rather wordy

I was a bit surprised that the course felt the need to explain how to set out one's time when working remotely - do you expect that someone tells workers in the office what to do all day and when to do it? That isn't my experience! There are some useful ideas in this course but it's over long, in my opinion.

Useful, gave food for thought.

Good tips, to the point, easy to follow

easy to follow

Very informative

needs updating

This course needs to be rewritten and update taking into account COVID-19. Most people are only working from home because of this and you can't "go out for lunch", meet up with friends etc.

Quick and easy course

The information was clear and straight forward. Easy guidance to follow in order to make remote working suit your individual needs.

Excellent method of presentation

This was an excellent method of delivering good remote working advice aligned to reality and focusing on areas of remote working frustrations which can be methodically addressed by applying some simple rules.


very interesting insight into remote working.

Would be nice to have non video option

The videos are slow, i can read what they are saying in a fraction of the time, I don't need a video to read to me.I read the paragraph and then had to sit till the video ended to move on. Could have done the training in half the time.

Very informative and interesting

No summary provided

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