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right length , kept interest

I thought the modules were good, however I did disagree with you on one question - having interviewed more times than I would like to say. I find if you want a specific answer, it is sometimes easier to have an open question as it enables the person to expand, and if the person is nervous, they can sometimes ramble but give the correct / specific information as well more information about how they would deal with things.

very helpfull learnt alot

from being on this i have learnt to rethink about questions to ask during the interview process be more aware on how i would sort through the process of application forms and how to conduct myself in a professional manner

Useful refresher

Interesting course

concise and effective

No summary provided

Pointless and awkward.

The actual training itself is basically useless. It's full of points like "consider whether you'll use an application form or ask for CVs". I've never known any job be advertised at ElCom where we ask for CVs. But more annoyingly than this, it's really difficult to actually get into and complete the training. I've had to request new links to get to it 4 times now. The links must expire within about 1 day? For training that has been made mandatory, and when we're in an election year this is just really unhelpful for staff.


No summary provided

Good introduction to recruitment

This is a good introduction to the recruitment process for HR and hiring managers. It gives a good overview of the whole process, recruitment policy, advertising, selection, appropriate interview questions and protected characteristics.


Covered essential points.

Clear and precise training

Clear and precise training.

Good basic course

Gave a good basic overview in a basic way.


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