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  1. 1 Returning to Work
Returning to Work after COVID-19 Training
Social distancing policy example

In this course, we’re looking at what you and your organisation can do to help with your transition back into the workplace. It’s all about thoughtful planning, organisation, and preparation, so we’ll be looking at what you can do before you go back, how to handle your first days back and what happens after that.

About this course

2020 was the year that everyone’s ‘normal’ changed. Within the space of about a month, COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, changed our lives, including our working lives, almost beyond recognition. With social distancing stopping all but key workers from going to work, almost everyone has been affected in some way.

Whether you are soon to return to work, or even if you already have, this training course can offer workplaces some guidance and some simple steps that can be taken to ease you into a new normal.

This Online Course looks at return-to-work catch-ups, risk assessments, team communication, handling concerns/anxiety in connection to COVID-19, policies, and practices to consider (ie. social distancing), what to expect from managers during this time, and a few practical suggestions for handling pressure, finding focus, staying productive, and adjusting to 2020’s new-normal.

It doesn’t matter how long an employee has been away from the workplace - going back isn’t always easy. For many people, it’s a positive and exciting time - a step towards regaining a sense of normality, but for others, it can be daunting. There’s no right or wrong way to feel – it’s natural to have some concerns, but it’s how the return is handled that can make all the difference, both to the employee and your organisation.

Chris Miller, a presenter of Returning to Work (during & after COVID-19) Training

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Chris Miller

The importance of Returning to Work (during & after COVID-19) Training

It’s important that you comply with the law and understand the positive impact this training course can have on your organisation and employees.

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Returning to Work after COVID-19 Training Certificate

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Why is this training important?

Business benefits

This courses looks at what you can do and what your organisation can do to help smooth your transition back to work. It’s all about thoughtful planning, organisation and preparation, so we’ll be looking at what you can do before you go back, how to handle your first days back and what happens after that. 

Please bear in mind that a return to work is normally about one person’s return after something like sickness, injury or an extended break, but in these unprecedented times it’s likely that you won’t be the only one going back to your workplace. It’s a unique situation and we’re all going to need time to adjust. The fact that so many people are in the same boat may make the transition back to work easier, but, bear in mind that everyone is different and some of your colleagues may have found this time more difficult than others.

This course can benefit both employers and employees in implementing simple strategies that can allow employees to become more efficient, work happier, and ease them back to a normal working day.

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