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Thank you x15,000,000!

15 million iHasco sessions delivered

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we have officially delivered over 15 million training sessions across all our e-learning courses!

We would like to start by saying a huge thank you to our team. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t have been able to hit this milestone.

Then there’s the support from our wonderful clients who have trusted iHasco to deliver their workplace training – this support inspires us to continue to make workplace training simple whilst hitting monumental landmarks like this. We can’t thank you enough!

We all know that 15 million is a huge number, but to put it in context…

  • It’s almost the entire combined population of Portugal and New Zealand.
  • At an average course length of 30 minutes, we’ve delivered over 7.5 million hours of training content – the equivalent of 855 years.
  • For a single person to complete all these training sessions, they would’ve needed to start in the year 1168, just five years after construction began on Notre Dame.
  • If we were to print every certificate generated from these training sessions, the stack of A4 paper would reach 1.5km, which is over three times the size of the Empire State building. (We encourage you to take our Environmental Awareness Training course if you think this is a good idea!!)

I’m delighted that we’ve reached this amazing landmark! Our mission at iHasco has always been to share our vision for better workplace learning and to help ensure that our clients are ready for anything. To know that we've had such an impact is truly humbling.

If you’ve ever taken an iHasco course or are an iHasco customer (past or present!), thank you for being a part of the journey and for motivating us to keep evolving our product as we set our sights on the next milestone!

Nathan Pitman, Managing Director at iHasco

iHasco training over the years

It’s crazy to think that it was just a few years ago that we announced delivering 3 million training sessions. The exponential growth we have experienced over recent years is a fantastic achievement for iHASCO and one that we couldn’t be prouder of!

Progress to 15 million sessions delivered

Our most popular courses over the years

Just some of our most popular courses among clients in recent years include:

So, what’s next?! For us, it’s business as usual. We’ll continue to work hard to make our training and service more simple and effective, whilst expanding on our course library.

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