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Health & Safety communication and engagement - a guide for employers

Free download - Health & Safety communication and engagement. A guide for employers

Last year the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) fined businesses £26.9 million to those guilty of Health & Safety offences, with falls from height remaining the most common cause of work-related injury and fatality. Accidents and injuries can be prevented with effective communication with your workers about your Health & Safety policies. Properly engaging your people with your Health & Safety measures can also:

  • encourage better quality work and productivity
  • create a highly motivated workforce
  • save your business time and money

Communicating workplace Health & Safety doesn’t need to be complicated! To help, in partnership with Citation’s Health & Safety experts we have created a handy guide talking you through their top tips, from effective communication methods to what the law says about engaging with your people on Health & Safety issues.

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Also available to download, is our free checklist for employers, covering some of the most important areas of Health & Safety in the workplace. Assess your workplace's Health & Safety standards today and see where you may be falling short. Plus our online health and safety training can help provide your staff with the knowledge they need to stay safe and productive at work. 

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