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Our Soft Skills Summer is officially here! 3 brand new courses…

We wanted to kickstart our Summer Soft Skills celebration with the first 3 of our courses being launched all at once! 

Communication Skills, Confidence Building and Recognising Your Value are the latest courses to join the Soft Skills library. You’ll notice that the courses have a different feel about them compared to our other courses and we hope you love them as much as we do! They’re visually less formal and ‘warmer’ to create more of a relaxing feel and they can be completed in roughly 15 minutes. They’ll act as an enriching introduction to the topic at hand and each course will offer two downloadable PDFs: 

  1. A round up of the practical tips covered in the course
  2. Information about further learning for the learner to explore further 

Communication Skills 

Scriptwriter: James Kelly

Animator: Sylvie McCallion

Productivity improves by up to 25% in organisations with connected employees.

This Communication Skills Course is perfect for each and every employee. Communication is an effective part of any organisation and is a key transferable skill for an individual to have. In this course, staff will be equipped with new strategies which strengthen their communication skills, they’ll understand the value of effective communication and be able to identify the barriers that stand in the way of effective communication.

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Confidence Building

Scriptwriter: James Kelly

Animator: Elaine Roberts

Nearly all workers (98%) say they perform better when they feel confident.

Self-confidence can be learned by anyone. And it’s not just reserved for the big things, it’s an important factor in everything we do. Our short course on Confidence Building will help users to understand what confidence is and what it means to them, it will help them see the effect that building their confidence could have on them on them, and will provide practical steps to help them build their confidence in a number of scenarios. 

If you’re an existing client, find out how you can get free, 30-day access to this course throughout July here.

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Recognising Your Value

Scriptwriter: James Kelly

Animator: Charlotte Cotrell

‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese idea that can be roughly understood as the purpose or meaning of someone’s life. Everyone has an Ikigai, and though finding it isn’t always easy, it’s something that anyone can do.

Throughout this Recognising Your Value Course, we will be using Ikigai to help staff start their journey of discovery and give them tools to help them find their purpose and recognise their own value. This course will help users to understand the connection between purpose and value, understand Ikigai and how to use it, and they’ll be given steps to begin their journey of self-discovery.

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Soft Skill Training

These 3 courses are the most recent additions to the soft skill courses library and it’s only set to grow more, so keep an eye out for our other soft skill releases that are just around the corner! 

You can get instant access to our entire soft skills library at any time! 

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