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How we exceed the requirements for the three main drivers of occupational health & safety

Mid-production of an iHASCO Training course

Generally speaking, there are three main drivers for managing occupational Health & Safety, and they are moral, legal, and financial.


Morals are the rules of behaviour that are imposed by society regarding what is right and wrong.

Although the UK generally has good standards of workplace Health & Safety, there is still a lot of preventable harm caused each year.

Societal expectations are constantly developing. For example, the industrial revolution in the UK was the reason for parliamentary acts being passed to support better working conditions. It’s also why the negative stigma surrounding mental health is now being challenged.

Employers are expected to want to protect the Health, Safety, and Welfare of their employees because that is considered the right thing to do. 


In the UK, law is divided into two branches: civil and criminal.

Civil law covers offences against an individual and means that an organisation can be sued for compensation for injury.

Criminal law covers offences against society and means that an authority can prosecute an offender.

If employers are responsible for an accident at work, it could leave them in a position where they face action from enforcing authorities, receive negative news coverage, and struggle from financial repercussions.


In 2002, the HSE published guidance called ‘Reduce risks - cut costs’ that identified methods for quickly and roughly estimating uninsured costs of accidents. Although the guide is no longer available, it is still a useful tool. Here are some of the ways the guidance calculated these costs:

  • On average, uninsured costs of accidents cost a company 10x the insurance premiums paid.
  • Uninsured losses from accidents in small businesses add up to an average of £315 per employee, per year.
  • The average uninsured cost of an accident causing absence from work is approximately £2,100.

Evidently, accidents at work can be pricey affairs. Looking past their moral and legal responsibilities, employers should understand the financial benefits of taking care of their employees’ Health & Safety.

How we exceed these main drivers of occupational Health & Safety

Here at iHASCO, we understand that our courses and solution can play a crucial role in keeping our clients’ workforce safe.

With these three drivers in mind, our products and service have all been designed to ensure they exceed the moral, legal, and financial requirements of our wonderful clients looking to ensure they are fulfilling their duties.

Morally, you can feel at ease when coming on board with us. We ensure that your purchase isn’t just a transaction to ‘tick a box’ but rather an investment into the health, safety, and wellbeing of your employees.

All of our courses are meticulously researched, and also created with engagement in mind. This is to ensure that the user can take in all of the information and apply this knowledge to their everyday work.

In fact, with course titles like Mental Health Awareness Training and Managing Anxiety Training, employers can go that extra mile to prove to their employees that they truly care about their wellbeing!

Legally, there are a number of duties and responsibilities that employers must adhere to in order to protect their employees. In many cases, this includes providing training in certain areas, such as Fire Awareness Training and DSE Training.

Each of our courses, if applicable, covers UK legislation, and they will teach the user how to work towards compliance with current legislation.

In terms of finances, our product and services are a cost-effective solution to training any amount of staff at work.

Additionally, where our online courses take an average of 30 minutes to complete, you can avoid the numerous costs associated with lost working hours.

We truly believe that we are the best at what we do. But why should you take our word for it? You shouldn’t. Instead, you can try any of our courses for free by filling out the form below. It doesn’t require you to give us any payment information, but it will give you full access to our training library for 24 hours so that you can see the quality of our training for yourself!

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