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iHASCO is officially a Skills for Care Endorsed Learning and Development Provider

iHASCO are endorsed by Skills for Care

iHASCO has been supporting the care sector with high-quality training that has helped and improved staff confidence, competence and compliance for over 10 years now. Our range of courses and systems have helped employers train their staff quickly and cost-effectively. However, we recently noticed a few gaps in our offering, so over the past 12 months we’ve been working hard on a 3 step plan to fill these gaps. We’ve been on a mission to improve our service to the care community and to better support the Adult Social Care Workforce. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Step 1 - Research

At the beginning of 2019, the iHASCO team spent days researching and analysing client feedback, and conducting preliminary research, to discover what titles we were missing within our eLearning library. We then created a development roadmap for the planned creation of future courses for the Adult Social Care workforce.

Step 2 - Development

Since that time, iHASCO’s Product Development team have collaborated with care homes for footage filming and expert insights; and thoroughly studied the Skills for Care workbooks in order to gather the needed content for scriptwriting. Our team have worked tirelessly to write, film and animate a whole range of high-quality, relevant, thoughtful and informative care courses. We can now proudly announce that we have over 80 eLearning titles that are suitable for the Adult Social Care workforce.

Step 3 - Endorsement

With our new range of courses in the bag, we then started to seek endorsement for them; and who better to endorse us than Skills for Care? Over the past few months, we have been undergoing an extensive endorsement process with Skills for Care which includes quality assurance, organisational feedback, individual learner's feedback and much more. 

We can now officially announce that we have been endorsed by Skills for Care as a Learning and Development Provider for the Adult Social Care workforce to provide courses that are applicable for those who work in Adult Social Care.

Skills for Care are pleased to welcome iHASCO as an endorsed provider. iHASCO demonstrated their commitment to the quality elements required to become endorsed and this was evidenced fully through our rigorous application process. Congratulations iHASCO.

Skills for Care

Now our 3 step process is complete, we will continue working with the Adult Social Care sector to ensure that we can continue to support their teams with our fantastic eLearning courses.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Skills for Care for their help and to say, on behalf of iHASCO, that we are all very proud to have received this endorsement!

I also want to say thank you to everyone in the Care Sector. You are caring for the most vulnerable in our country during this extremely difficult time. You are all heroes and we want to do our bit to support you. Our Mental Health Awareness and our Infection Prevention and Control course are available to you for free.

Stay safe and keep well,

Alex Wilkins

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