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First Aid Training in current circumstances

Someone taking our First Aid Training

We’ve had a number of clients reach out to us regarding First Aid training in the current climate.

Due to current circumstances, face-to-face First Aid courses (that train someone to become a qualified first aider) are not currently available. The likes of St Johns Ambulance and British Red Cross have suspended all courses until further notice; and trusted independent charity Skills for Care advise the following:

"During this period we remind you to stop face-to-face and use digital solutions only"

Skills for Care

We believe that our range of First Aid courses are your perfect solution during this time. Even though we cannot offer you the official qualification, as only face-to-face training can, you can certainly use us as your interim option until face-to-face becomes available again. We can strengthen your knowledge, understanding and your competence in this vital area. It is, without a doubt, better to have this level of training than to have no training at all.

Our two courses - First Aid Refresher training and Emergency First Aid Refresher training - both follow a syllabus provided by the HSE and they cover everything that a practical first aid course would. Our courses are presenter-led and include a series of up-close real life demonstrations that are performed by an experienced paramedic. We offer you step by step procedures that are easy to follow and simple to understand.

Watch our video below for more information on the two courses:

We aim to respond within 30 minutes

* 14 day free trial use and 1 day course previews subject to our terms & conditions of use