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iHasco’s Mental Health Awareness training wins first place in Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards

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We are delighted to announce that our online Mental Health Awareness training has been awarded first place in Tomorrow’s Health & Safety Awards 2020!

Readers of Tomorrow’s Health & Safety were invited to vote for the best products and services that aid health and safety in the workplace. The awards have been running for 6 years but this was the first time iHasco submitted an entry and we want to thank everyone who voted for us!

This news has been greeted with excitement and pride here in the office, as the team at iHasco aim to make a genuine difference with each and every one of our online training courses. Our courses are built inhouse with love & care and are designed to be engaging, informative and accurate, so we are incredibly proud to have been awarded first place in this prestigious award.

Why did we choose Mental Health Awareness training to be a contender for the award?

The online course was launched back in 2018 as a source for businesses to provide awareness of mental ill-health, to remove the stigma surrounding it, and to provide guidance and practical tools that employees can use on a daily basis to aid their wellbeing and improve their mental health. 

Mental health issues are faced by workers in all industries and people in all walks of life, and employers that take the mental health of their employees seriously not only offer much needed support to their staff - they also receive higher levels of engagement, productivity and loyalty in return. Looking after the wellbeing of the workforce also reduces sickness absences and helps a business to retain talented and hardworking employees. It’s a win-win for the employee and employer alike. 

It also makes good business sense. Research suggests that for every £1 you invest into improving the mental health of your workforce, you'll receive - on average - a £4.20 return.

The goal with our Mental Health Awareness training is to offer employers a simple, practical tool that gets the ball rolling - it addresses the importance of their employee’s wellbeing. Our course empowers the employee to recognise, manage and improve the quality of their own mental health; tools of which can also be used to help others. We truly believe that companies who make this training standard practice are helping to pave the way for mental health discussions becoming a part of everyday conversation, where the health of an employee’s mind takes a seat beside the health of an employee’s body - as equals at the table.

Lottie Galvin, Studio Manager & Mental Health First Aider at iHASCO.

Trial our award winning online Mental Health Awareness course for free

Having already helped over 40,000 individuals from UK businesses become more aware of mental ill-health through our range of Mental Health Awareness courses, why not sign up for a free trial to see the course for yourself.

Also visit our Mental Health Awareness resource page for other useful information on mental health and wellbeing.

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