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Sexual Harassment - A workplace pandemic?

Whilst developing our Sexual Harassment Awareness Training, we looked into some of the shocking statistics behind sexual harassment in UK workplaces. We knew that it was an already existing problem but our research has left us shocked. Some of the statistics are truly shocking and just go to show that something needs to be done sooner rather than later to stop this pandemic! 

Watch the video below: 

Sexual Harassment - A workplace pandemic?

Video Transcript

According to a survey conducted by the BBC, half of British women and a fifth of men have been sexually harassed at work or a place of study. 63% of the women who took part in the survey said they didn’t report it to anyone, and it’s even higher for the men - with 79% of them not reporting it either.

Sexual harassment is unwanted and repeated behaviour of a sexual nature - and the behaviour can range from displaying pornographic materials to staring at someone’s body, to inappropriate jokes and comments, to anything like touching, stroking, kissing, or even attempts at physical contact. 

Even if the behaviour isn’t meant to cause harm or upset, it’s still a case of sexual harassment if the person on the receiving end feels intimidated, humiliated, offended or threatened.

Another survey, conducted by Radio 5 Live, found that over a quarter of people suffered sexual harassment through inappropriate jokes or “banter” and nearly 1 in 7 had been touched inappropriately in the workplace. This survey also suggests that 1 in 10 women had been sexually assaulted. The studies show us that the harassers are very often male and usually have a position of authority over the target - 5 Live found that 30% of women were targeted by their boss or a senior manager, compared to 12% of men suffering the same.

According to a TUC report, about 1 in 5 women do report the harassment, but the outcome is often poor - 80% found that nothing changed, and 16% said it made the situation worse. But staying silent, or being afraid to speak up, means this behaviour will continue.

iHasco’s Sexual Harassment Awareness Training course gives employees and management a thorough breakdown of what sexual harassment is, the different types, and the damage it causes. It also provides practical steps that should be followed to combat sexual harassment in the workplace - and just as importantly - this course encourages organisations to create a supportive environment for employees; one where everyone’s voices are heard, where reports are taken seriously, and where there is zero tolerance for this behaviour.

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Our Sexual Harassment Awareness Training is due for release very soon! Be the first to get your hands on this course by pre-ordering it or keep an eye out for its release, when you can trial it for free! 

The course is split into three easy-to-follow sections and is CPD Accredited. Work towards compliance with current legislation and prevent sexual harassment from happening in the workplace!