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Mental Health and Wellbeing Training now live!

Mental Health Awareness Training now live!

After months of hard work from our Scriptwriting and Creative teams, we're thrilled to announce that our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training is now live!

We have two courses focusing on Mental Health and Wellbeing, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training is now live and our course for management will be going live in the next few days, so watch this space.

The shocking statistics behind mental health in the UK... 

Mental health has had a stigma attached to it for too long, it's time that we all make a move towards increasing our understanding of mental health and the influence it has on our personal and working lives. 

The shocking statistics behind Mental Health in UK workplaces

What the team are saying... 

Our two incredible courses were put together by our Scriptwriting and Creative teams. They have worked tirelessly to make sure the courses are the best they can possibly be! Lottie Galvin was our lead scriptwriter for these projects and her training content has made the programme even more engaging and thought-provoking then we thought possible!

Matt Newport was the lead animator for both courses and his smooth and engaging animation and graphics really capture what it’s all about. The whole course is beautiful but some slides, in particular, are breathtaking!  

Well done to everybody involved! 

It has been an absolute joy to research, write and co-create a course that sheds light on the most important of subjects. I'm proud to report that it's full of useful tools, advice and information that will allow our users to take charge of their own mental health and start to improve it immediately. It's time for mental health and wellbeing to be a part of normal everyday conversation, it's time for us all to feel safe asking for help, and I'm confident that iHasco have made a wonderful contribution to removing the stigma that surrounds this subject.

Lottie Galvin, Lead Script & Creative Writer for Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

As an animator, this script has been great fun to work on. Visually trying to represent abstract concepts such as mental illnesses and behaviour has meant my creativity has been pretty much unrestricted; from giving animated characters their own little personalities and stories, to being able to whip the easel out and get messy with paints and inks. I was even able to incorporate some hand-drawn animation of a friendly shark!

It's so important for people to have a good understanding of mental health, not only in knowing how to support others but in knowing what to do to help improve their own. It would be very rewarding to see this programme make a positive difference to those who watch it, and I genuinely believe it will!

Matt Newport, Lead Animator for Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

Another exciting announcement... 

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing (not just at iHasco, but up and down the UK) we are going to support and raise funds for a charity that helps people with their mental health problems. This exciting partnership will be announced early next week! 

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You can get free trial access to our Mental Health and Wellbeing courses at any time, simply head over to our trial page and register for a free account today! 

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