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New Course Announcement - Unconscious Bias Training!

Unconscious Bias Training - Coming Soon!

Two course announcements in one month!? I know, it's crazy, new courses seem to be flying out of the door at the moment! This time around we're announcing our Unconscious Bias Training! There will be two courses for this type of training, one for employees and one for management. 

What is Unconscious Bias? 

As our fabulous scriptwriter Lottie Galvin summed up - "We have conscious biases which are biases we’re aware of, and we have unconscious biases which we’re unaware of - but they are stored away in our mind and they still affect what we think and how we behave. Biases are natural (we can’t help having them) but they shouldn’t go unchallenged." 

A few examples of Unconscious Bias include: 

  • Conformity Bias – which is when we behave similarly to others in a group, even if it goes against what we actually believe.
  • Beauty Bias – is a common view that the most attractive person will be the most successful.
Explaining Unconscious Bias with Strawberries

Why is Unconscious Bias a problem?

Unconscious Bias in the workplace can create unfair and less diverse working environments. Studies have also found that unconscious bias can cause more breakdowns in communication between staff and management. 

Our Unconscious Bias Training Courses

Our two courses aim to reduce the above effects, identify and challenge unconscious bias in the workplace.

Both courses look at the following: 

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace - What are unconscious biases? Common types and how they are formed. 
Strategies for Reducing Bias - Self-awareness, acknowledging bias and training minds to think differently. 
What's Next? Encouraging users to reduce bias from the outset! 

Our Management course also looks at: 

Management responsibilities - common mistakes that are often made when management rely on their unconscious biases to help with certain decisions. 

Take a look at our Unconscious Bias Training for Mangement and our Unconscious Bias Training for Employees and register your interest today!