What role(s) did you have before joining iHASCO?

Freelance designer, Animator, Assistant manager in a restaurant and C4D Engineer.

When did you join iHASCO and what was your position when you joined?

I joined on the 11th of June, 2018 as a Junior Creative.

What progression have you experienced within the business?

I was given the opportunity to be promoted as Middleweight and then Senior Creative.

To achieve as a middleweight or a senior, I was given tasks to manage to work with other creatives, helping juniors and having workshops to share my knowledge on design software. It improves my communication and management skills.

How would you describe the culture of iHASCO?

It’s like a big family. We are proud of our company's value that brings us together. Full of passionate people who are truly caring and look after each other.

What would you say is your proudest achievement within your role?

I am passionate about my role and always try my best to deliver the best results. It was an emotional moment when I was awarded "The best creative of the year, 2020" from the company. It’s an achievement to be recognised for my effort.