What role(s) did you have before joining iHASCO?

I was a salesperson at EuropCar for 4 months after leaving secondary school. The job wasn’t for me and luckily I found my place at iHASCO where I have been for the last 6 and half years.

When did you join iHASCO and what was your position when you joined?

In December 2014. I knew I was going into Sales but I got to experience almost every area at iHASCO before going into Account Management full time.

I would spend 2 hours a day in accounts generating invoices, time in support assisting with client admin tasks and enquiries and working with other sales people to learn the role before jumping in at the deep end. This helped me understand every aspect of the business which has allowed me to become the successful sales person I am now.

What progression have you experienced within the business?

I have completed 4 NVQ qualifications with iHASCO building up skills in Sales and Management all equivalent to A levels. I have also completed various sales training days and IOSH Managing safely course which has helped support my clients so much more!

Do you have any adventures you'd like to tell us about?

Being able to travel Australia for 6 months! iHASCO was very kind to give me a long term leave to allow me to travel with a guaranteed job on my return! Not only the skills I've gained at iHASCO with training and experience, but the personal growth I developed when being on the other side of the world exploring new places and meeting new faces!

How would you describe the culture of iHASCO?

Very bubbly and fun whilst getting the jobs done! Our workforce is very productive and positive, we all like to have a laugh here and there are always smiling faces when you walk around the building but we are also very hardworking and passionate about what we create and offer to our clients.

We believe in making a genuine difference not only with our products but the customer service too. From research, scriptwriting, to storyboarding and filming there is so much discussion and consideration that goes on to ensure what we are creating isn’t boring and dull. We aim to make training simple and memorable to keep our clients safe. 

What would you say is your proudest achievement within your role?

Adding 4 qualifications to my CV which are equivalent to A levels. I have been able to earn money and experience whilst expanding my knowledge year on year. iHASCO are very supportive with development and encourage it as much as they can.