Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages Training

This course is for ALL employees. It explains how important it is to remain alert to the possibility of terrorism in the workplace. It explains what to do if a bomb threat is received or if a suspicious package is found.

Key Features & Benefits of this Course

  • Complete this course in just 20 minutes
  • Perfect for anyone working in large/busy venues or for those dealing with high volumes of mail/packages
  • End of course test and printable certificate
  • Free trial, demo & bulk discounts available

Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages Training Course Contents

1. Identifying Risk

In Bomb Threats we look at what you should do if you receive a telephoned bomb threat. We explain what information should be collected and extra details that will be helpful to the police.

In Suspicious Packages we give you an idea of the tell-tale signs that could mean a package contains an explosive device or has other dangerous contents inside and explain what to do if you come across a suspicious package in your workplace.

2. Evacuation and Searches

Here we look at evacuation – what you should do and where you should go. We also consider whether evacuation is the right course of action. Sometimes it’s safer to remain inside the building.

We also look at searches, who should do them and how, and the part you may play in this.

 Test & Certificate

This Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages Training course concludes with a 10 question multiple choice test with printable certificate. In addition, brief in-course questionnaires guide the user through the sections of the training, and are designed to reinforce learning and ensure maximum user engagement throughout. As well as printable user certificates, training progress and results are all stored centrally in your LMS (Learning Management System) and can be accessed any time to re-print certificates, check and set pass marks and act as proof of a commitment to ongoing legal compliance.


There are currently no legislations to help guide organisations, however The Criminal Law Act of 1977 does have a small section dedicated to bomb hoaxes. 

The Criminal Law Act 1977

Section 51 of The Criminal Law Act 1977 focuses on bomb threats and bomb hoaxes, it states: 

(1) A person who—

(a) Places any article in any place whatever; or
(b) Dispatches any article by post, rail or any other means whatever of sending things from one place to another,with the intention (in either case) of inducing in some other person a belief that it is likely to explode or ignite and thereby cause personal injury or damage to property is guilty of an offence.

Section 51 of The Criminal Law Act 1977

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Very good learning for our business

By on February 22, 2017
Easy to understand learning that gets key messages across without dully making employees unduly anxious.

Easy to follow and understand

By on February 13, 2017
Very easy to understand, even if it seems like common sense, its important to know who is responsible for managing such scenarios/ situations.

Excellent - user friendly and informativ

By on January 10, 2017
No summary provided.