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In the UK, lone working is legal. While there is specific legislation for some industries of higher risk regarding lone workers, generally speaking, it is allowed as a sufficient risk assessment has been conducted and recorded for these workers.

A lone worker can be simply defined as anyone who works by themselves, without direct or close supervision, even if it is only for certain aspects of their job or during certain periods of the working day.

  • The location that the lone worker is working in
  • Jobs with higher authority can cause resentment and cause people to be aggressive
  • The emotion of a client or customer
  • Members of the public or animals that are encountered on the job
  • Carrying things of value

One of the main things that a lone worker needs to consider is what they do before they leave for work. Here’s a few things they can do to be prepared:

  • Make sure their phone is fully charged
  • Plan their journey
  • Ensure essential items are packed
  • Ensure they've checked in with someone to let them know they are leaving
  • Ensure all other risks have been considered

This policy should be unique to your organisation and the tasks that need to be carried out. However, the following areas can be used as a starting point:

  • Why the policy is in place
  • When formal risk assessments will be carried out
  • When workers will receive relevant safety training
  • What support is available if workers experience an accident, injury, illness, or assault while working alone
  • What communication methods will be used for situations related to lone working
  • What technology and monitoring systems are to be used to aid lone worker safety

Documents & other resources

White Papers/Guides

Lone worker policy template

This policy should be used as a starting point for organisations and will need to be tailored to each individual business.


Lone worker safety checklist

Use this interactive checklist to identify the current safety status of your lone working situation and your general daily habits.


Lone Worker Checklist

Learners can download and fill out this checklist electronically (or manually if preferred) which will help learners to assess their current situation and spot any areas for improvement.


Lone Working Policy Template

This is an example containing suggestions of actions that may be taken to help Lone Workers remain safe. It's by no means an exhaustive list.